National Trust cafe somewhere along Chilkwell Street

There are a couple, at least, derelict buildings along Chilkwell Street. They look ugly and take away from the atmosphere of an interesting road leading to two of the town’s greatest assets – the Tor and Chalice Well. Hundreds of people walk along that route every day during peak tourist season.
I volunteer in the Chalice Well. People are always asking where our cafe is or if there is a cafe somewhere nearby. There is a great one in the Rural Life Museum but people feel shy going in, even though its free to go in, because you have to go passed the museum entry desk to get to it.
The National Trust own the Tor and must have significant expenses maintaining it. If they opened a cafe/gift shop along Chilkwell I think they would make good money, create jobs, restore a derelict building and make a lot of tourists very happy! Funding could come partly from this new fund and partly from the National Trust.

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2 comments on “National Trust cafe somewhere along Chilkwell Street

  1. The NT shared with the town council a plan some time ago to create a grass car park on one of the fields below the Tor for summer peak time use. Added to that was to be a mobile cafe with tables and chairs. In some ways a facility in the town – or along Chilkwell St. – might serve a different clientele, not just those going up the Tor. That said, the Rural Life Museum, as is pointed out, does have a cafe (when the museum is open) for all to enjoy without paying the entry fee. I don’t know that such an idea for catering comes within the remit of the GTDB for funding, except employment of local people.

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