New and improved sports and leisure facilities

We have severely neglected existing sports facilities that could be revitlised into vibrant sport/leisure areas for our young people. A good example is the tennis courts in King George V Park that are an eyesore – cracked tarmac, graffiti, broken glass. This could be turned into a really lovely basketball court or mini football pitch or tennis court – 5G surfaces or something similar would be ideal. Also, we should look to replicate the kind of sports/leisure areas you find in countries like Spain and Portugal with some seating/benches for spectators and good lighting/plants surrounding the areas to make them more attractive and user-friendly. In other countries these are community hubs.
More football/basketball, tennis courts that are free to access and give our sporting enthusiasts somewhere nice to play – it’s heartbreaking to see young kids trying to make do on a patch of broken up concrete or a scruffy patch of grass.

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  1. I agree we need more outdoor sports facilities for different sports. We’ve have had a fair few people from Stevenage make it big! New basketball courts, new tennis courts and much improved football facilities would be very useful and helpful drive to young children and for adults too. Best drive to have more people exercise and take part in outdoor sports.

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