New Bridge

A new bridge is needed across the River Severn to the north side of the city. This would allow easy access to the M5 and reduce congestion in the city centre which was not designed to cope with high levels of traffic. This should include pedestrian access to open up the beautiful countryside on either side of the river to local residents

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2 comments on “New Bridge

  1. Not sure it would now make much difference. The northern link was a far better solution, but we will now soon have a dualled southern link and massive new hosuing developments released on the southern and western sides of the City to pay for it. As a result the City’s population is about to grow by 25% and as most of the new households will be at least 2-3 miles from the City Centre the congestion and air pollution will undoubtably be disproportionally increased. Personally, even if it would reduce some traffic into the City I doubt any northern route will be deliverable within at least 30 years, by which time the City will be at grid lock for most of the day. Surely a far better and lower cost solution is to encouarge more to travel into the city by foot, bike or public transport. This would bring far wider benefits too.

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