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Todmorden desperately needs a new, accessible, all age use community centre, adaptable to a wide range of activities and with wi fi access. There needs to be a purpose built new venue on Rose Street for a community centre that can be uses by all ages and for a range of activities, from sit down meetings to youth groups, to classes to older people activities. Those spaces that are in town are built for other purposes (eg churches) so are not suited to the purpose they are being used, are frequently booked and not accessible. This should be situated on current wasteland in the town centre (Rose Street) near the bus station so it only requires one bus and means people will take advantage of other town centre shops etc

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5 comments on “New community centre

  1. Calder College is the ideal site for this development.
    Throughout the 60s, 70s and into the 80s it was just this!
    Adult education lessons were offered in a wide range of academic qualifications opening more opportunities or just for interest, a nursery was open while classes ran so parents of young children could attend.
    Classes in hobbies and crafts gave recent retirees and others an opportunity to socialise and gain new skills.
    Apprentices could do their college training in the town instead of having to travel further afield.
    The facilities were available for community groups into the evening
    Why build a new centre when we already have this one?

  2. I agree that Todmorden needs a new accessible, all age use community centre etc etc. This is spot on. But why build something new? We have a fantastic, HUGE venue already – Todmorden Community College, and the project to turn this into a community hub and learning centre should be supported. It is very central, has a range of rooms for various sized groups, from a massive hall, the kitted out gym, and different sized meeting rooms. It would fulfil all the requirements listed above.

    1. Not with you and the current board at the helm.
      You are clearly misleading the local community about your intentions for the building. You have moved from the original intention of a community learning centre to this taken from your latest grant grabbing scheme!

      “The community of Todmorden and the Upper Calder Valley have an ambition to turn our partly disused F E college Todmorden Community College into the climate challenge college akin to the Alternative Technology Centre in Wales.
      You sir are a charlatan and a liar…. it’s the Acorn Centre all over again Mr. Green

  3. Rather than a new community centre it makes sense to support the asset transfer of the community college to become the new learning centre and community hub. This is an already accessible building and money from this fund could help to make it a thriving centre for the town by supporting refurbishment and development plans.

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