New indoor shopping centre like Westgate Oxford and Cabot Circus in Bristol

Completely overhaul the shopping in the town centre, by making it into an enclosed shopping centre like Westgate. Fill it with pubs/bars and cool restaurants and popular shops. Don’t fill it with useless shops and restaurants, no one uses the new restaurants you installed upstairs in the Brunel centre. I’m 21 and I know all my age group wants to do is day drinking. If you revamped the shopping centre and made it indoors and had a terrace filled with bars like oxford, so many more people would drink in Swindon instead of venturing to oxford or bath…

There are no nightclubs in Swindon, there is only revolution and tree. This is rubbish, we could do with a few extra clubs and not awful clubs like cazbar. My mum said about Brunel rooms and how popular Swindon was back in 80s for clubbing, we need these back!

Indoor shopping centre (like Westgate), more restaurants in the shopping centre (no fast food!), more shops (not rubbish ones, we need popular stores!), more nightclubs…

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