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I think Mansfield would benefit a new Leisure Centre in the middle of town that is easily accessible to replace the old one where Tesco is. The other Leisure Centres are quite small and do not offer a wide range of facilities. Mansfield is now so big it could warrant 2 pools a community space for groups to hire and place for entertainment along with bowls, badminton courts and dance area facilities. Along with this the unused buildings like BHS and Beales need incentives for businesses to fill them instead of building new hence encouraging people into town. Maybe a hotel or independent cinema. Ideas for leisure need to be explored like indoor golf and escape room facilities. Old buildings need preserving and independent restaurants encouraged to fill them as again people need to be encouraged to go to the town centre.

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5 comments on “New Leisure Centre

  1. Another swimming pool would be a very good idea – the existing pools are very busy.

    However, it might be more cost-effective to extend the opening times of the existing pools, and remove the pay and display – which discourages poorer people from using the pool.

  2. New leisure centre in Mansfield!! What about Warsop, council closed the one we had saying it needed to much money to make it feasible, replace that first, young people and families haven’t the money to travel to town £5.50 per adult return by bus then the cost of the activities, leisure is for all, spread facilities further

  3. Warsop Parish has been identified as requiring a new leisure centre after the previous one was closed down to save money. Following 2 surveys/discussions it has been highlighted that a leisure centre with swimming pool is required not only to encourage health and well-being, but to also combat the serious health issues found in this deprived and underinvested area of Mansfield district. The residents of Warsop Parish have as much right to first class leisure facilities as any other person in Mansfield district. It is also close to national cycle routes and established walks.

  4. Mansfield already has at least 2 very decent pools and numerous gyms available, also plenty of the schools in the district allow use of their facilities at a price, so I wouldn’t be keen on that idea. I agree that the existing BHS building and the soon to be empty Beales do need to be utilised in some form, be that an indoor market and food place or an independent cinema.

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