New Leisure Centre – South Warrington

Broomfields is in a very sorry state, South Warrington desperately needs a new and updated centre

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8 comments on “New Leisure Centre – South Warrington

  1. Need a decent swimming pool , not a leisure pool .A pool where you can swim without slides,waves ,classes, etc its nearly impossible. South Warrington is poorly served but town centre would be fine .

  2. Great suggestion the parking is terrible for the 3G pitches and Broomfields itself has not had real money spent on it since it was built!

    1. Move Bridgewater school on to one site. Rebuild Broomfields as a leisure hub with library, healthcare and surestart centre. There is loads of land not being properly used.

  3. I think many people of all ages and backgrounds would benefit from a swimming pool with a slide, wave machine, children’s pool, etc in South warrington. This would help get kids and adults active and reduce pollution by reducing the distance people have to drive to travel to a suitable pool.

  4. I totally agree I have to go to woolston which at least 25 years old as I live on the edgewater park estate There is nothing in the south of warrington maybe it would be a good idea to have something in the centre of town so everyone can have access
    They seem to concrete on bewsey and orford

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