New local attractions

Currently as a Gorleston local, there’s very little reason to visit the town centre due to a diminished variety in shops along with poor connectivity (especially south Gorleston). Normally, it’s worth to just travel to Norwich. So there’s a need to entice big known retailers into the town possibly by building shop fronts within marine parade. I suggest doing a Braintree-style outlet shopping village at the seafront as this would also attract visitors from afar during the Christmas shopping season when the town’s economy is normally under hibernation. For transport, perhaps a new bus line or a reconfiguration is required going through more of South Gorleston. The current 9 bus route is far too long covering far too much of Gorleston and little Great Yarmouth. Ideally a Gorleston bus line should have stops at major places in Yarmouth like the train station and the Beach. Optimistically and alternatively, a cable car/Gondola lift can be built between Gorleston and Yarmouth Beach.

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