New Paving in High Street

I would like marble or portland stone paving in Boscombe High Street including Sea Road.

The street looks dirty and tacky and is contributing to the deterioration of the area. It does not look or appear like a holiday area.

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5 comments on “New Paving in High Street

  1. It doesn’t help when the so-called Boscombe arts people enCourage so-called artist to deface the entire paving area coming from Sea Road round the corner to KFC last year now whether it it was art is very debatable but the fact is it was left and not cleaned up afterwards and made the area look atrocious why is this small group allowed to dictate that Boscombe is to become an art hub if they want to put their art out fine do it in a private dwelling or run an exhibition indoors they should not inflict their idea of art on the general public who have no choice but to walk past it most people do not want the so-called are subsidize I want the money put into the bread and butter issues of Boscombe

  2. Wholeheartedly agree, the entire Main Street and alleyways are very dirty and always full of rubbish and debris, get rid of all the grotty, worthless shops, it would be such an improvement, people would want to come and spend some time with a nice cafe culture, good food market and attractive shops.

    1. And a lot of that is down to the business owners who often don’t care whatsoever about dumping their rubbish outside their shops we’ve all seen them and can identify them but nothing is done

    2. Also it is about the standard of workmanship when repairs are carried out in Boscombe the paving areas are dug up to replace pipes etc and then the bricks and put back in and done in a very amateur manner you wouldn’t think a professional had actually relayed the path

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