New riverside homes

The vast area of land on the south of the lake lothing which is empty and underutilised from previous businesses like jeld wen and sanyo are quite an eyesore. The area should be bought forward for housing or new commercial spaces to attract energy sector or port related businesses to the area. This will also link well with the 3rd crossing development as it will be a large area of land which will be visible from the crossing.

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3 comments on “New riverside homes

  1. I would agree that his area despite the present plan should be redesignated as mostly for industrial use only as it’s not suitable for housing despite the evidence from Ipswich Dock development which is linked with the yacht basin which the area of Brooke Marine although closer to School Road and restaurant may well have a case for adjacent housing and as for Jeld Wen/ Boulton and Paul because it’s such a large site that unless the road infrastructure is improved from Oulton which is not feasible that so much extra housing is not feasible and therefore alternative uses for that site should be considered which do not require base load transport access on a regular basis and therefore the site should be developed as a local educational and training and skill centre resource associated with Eastcoast college and Suffolk University catlysed and kickstarted by the skills and trades requirement that the major infrastructure of Gull wing requires anchored into the high schools as local opportunities …also as again due to occasional transport access for this area to be considered as an alternative ground for either or both the Lowestoft Town FC/ Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Rugby Club if they find that it cannot develop its present site at Crown Meadow as would be in a central town based location rather than any out of town location as proposed at the Oakes Farm in Carlton Colville

  2. Wholeheartedly support the development of this land subject to any long term lease issues with the JW site. If resolution of that could be expedited so that development could proceed in tandem with the 3rd crossing construction all the better.

    Agreed that we need businesses (tech preferably) and housing (mixed affordability) but the roads infrastructure has to match the increased usage that would result.

  3. AS a respected member of the local community the Sanyo site in question ! is on my location as it would be best as industrial site and NOT houses… thank you
    To many people think before speaking on that matter Business supported by local authorities brings roads and more prospects into Lowestoft / oulton Broad authorities.
    I say Business all the way and place homes on the Geldwen site / NOT over priced or designed by companies who do not live in the area or make Towers.!
    re development of the old road North Side of Lowestotf commercial road is positive.

    JUST get the flood development in place to Protect all homes along the river up too oulton broad first ?
    The local Lowestoft area is positive in the right direction but needs a clean up in town too.

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