New St Helens

Greener areas within town centre that can be used to put local events on.
Housing especially for elderly and others that have needs in bungalows which bring a more community feel back to town.
Money for mental health and careers.

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1 comment on “New St Helens

  1. I would like some help with building my business for the community and bringing different councils different ethnicity’s together to build a community centre for children & adults to make them feel like they have somewhere safe to go! I am currently unemployed but learning a level 3 personal trainer to overcome my mental health and build a future for me & my children. Aged 11,8,4. I have been subject to DV I have been threw numerous refugees I have worked with St. Helens council social services all my life, as my dad who sadly passed away had to foster care my nieces threw the local council. There isn’t enough funding for mental health, for community schemes! I have been in Warrington now nearly 2 years an have been failed massively by the social services, mental health Dwp and other services! I have been in hospital just before Christmas due to an overdose, as my ex partner took my children & wouldn’t give them me back. He emotional and verbally abused my children whilst they was in his care! I have them back now but it was a horrific 4 month no children no family no food over Christmas! And Warrington social services did not help me in any way! If anything they left & neglected the duty of care for me! As I’m classed as disabled with scoliosis curvature of the spine, I need a major operation in my back again. I have my first operation when I was just 8 years old. Alder hay hospital. And Warrington medical assessment failed my pip 3-4 years ago as I could use my phone?? Ironic really because am sure you need to use your phone to ring the police or ambulance or fire service! Many thanks hollie swiderek

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