Newhaven Beach

The West Beach and Breakwater have been Newhaven’s best community assets for more than 130 years. The French owners have been unwilling to allow access to the facilities for more than ten years. They should be purchased back from the current owner and re-opened to benefit residents and visitors. Four generations of my family have enjoyed swimming and fishing here. My grandson will be the first to grow up in Newhaven without ever enjoying this freedom.

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9 comments on “Newhaven Beach

  1. It needs a large amount of money to get the sandy beach and the arm re-opened. Nobody is going to do this without some form of return. Maybe if the owners of the land were allowed to build some decent flats, with retail on the ground floor, between the cliffs and the parking area, the money generated from the sale of these properties could be used to do the repairs to make the beach safe. Rents from the retial units could be used for maintenance of the whole area.
    It’s quite a large site and a three/four storey building could provide a couple of dozen high quality flats which would be snapped up pretty quickly due to their location and views.

  2. Love this beach idea. It is such an undervalued asset at present. So great to have it open this summer, albeit through breaking and entering. I would like to see better accessibility for pedestrians and bicycles as a priority to both beaches (and and pebble) and ‘the prom’, cars also (ideally not parked up to railing where it is nice to walk along). With the global concern about marine plastics, it would be important to consider waste/litter collection and removal (which is haphazard at present), and also promotion to beach users of Newhaven as a plastic free/plastic conscious beach destination. I would not want to see the cliffs and green area at the back spoiled, but some sympathetic development (café with a green roof?) which might generate income, alongside parking fees could mean a beach development funded by this money could then be sustained in the long run.

  3. Open the sandy beach as such an asset to Newhaven and low cost days out to many low income families. Such a loss – used to keep teenagers off the streets – Have local police (in training) run youth clubs/sports groups – that would gain trust and respect between youngsters and The Law………

  4. With the new homes proposed in the marina I think looking at the beach being reopened is a great idea. With the beach reopened there could arguably be reason to also open the land up under the cliff a bit more and offer proper camping facilities (already see quite a few camper vans down there). In time we could even look at expanding and having a building of some kind built that could house a restaurant etc. down there? Obviously The Hope is in the vicinity so would require careful planning, but that area has a heap of potential being one of the few sandy beaches in the area.

    1. I think that creating a proper camping facility would be a great idea and show that the beach has more value as a tourist attraction than as part of the port. Part of the beaches charm however is its lack of development so I think it would need to be sensitively done and utilise existing buildings as far as possible eg the old museum as a shower block/toilet facilities and to keep the grassed area with the gun replacements on the left clear and limit the numbers staying.

  5. I believe the port was given to the French after ww2 as reparations for the bombing of Dieppe and other towns in the region. So alas it is notyso simple as just buying it back.

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