Next generation

Global warming and toxic waste.
Start moving with the time and start thinking of household disposal And community disposal of children nappies, incontinence bags, stoma bags, sanitary products, catheter bags, aprons, gloves ect.
Most house have these products and can be disposed of in a yellow/ orange bag like hospitals.
Hospitals dispose of these correctly however it pointless if landfills still have all these items still in black bags, when we have facilities to dispose of correctly already.
I am sure this will create jobs and also help the environment a little sooner than later also less of a risk of spreading infections (which can be caused left in landfill were workers are).
Good advertising and awareness of disposal less blockage in drains ect (were workers are).
If you can pick up food waste – why not separate all waste completely – as it can be done.
Fine individual homes for not complying with overloaded bins not correctly recycled.
and buy a special truck.

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