Next generation

Some of the empty buildings of railway station.
To be refurbished and fit for use (even as just empty clean shell to just view the art and talent of Swindon). Build up money pot to grow and be able to help Swindon artist and next generation by displaying work and building an eye for inspiration.
To display art work from local talent and guessed shows from regions uk/world, build a network of artists and have events, have recognition for next generation, make them feel involved and be apart of the growth of arts, to pass on to generations to come.
Need to give the hype and the wow factor.
Involving schools, community groups and much more.

So much opportunity and I do feel arts is getting lost and money needs to be invested on what was created for Swindon as a art and history to go with the modern art, moving forward with next generation, so it’s not lost.

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