Next generation

Race track being used for athletics all year round with renovation over head cover for all year round use and hire, include birthdays and outside group private hire clubs and families .
Creating jobs and professional athletics and coaches for future even Swindon own Olympic competitors. Include children whom excel in athletics sports in schools primary and secondary to compete in a community in schools as well as regional even uk based. This will open more opportunities of choice of sports and althletics in Swindon as collaboration can be use with different sports to build stamina and much more profiting from private hire or open community use.
Athletics it’s self have many alternative activities like shot putt, high jump, long jump, 100m spring and so on. this will open doors for all in some way as athletics has a huge range of skills that every child, adults, includes disabilities, taking part weather for fun or to take to Olympics.Bring business to Swindon, athletes use of track

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