No cars on foreshore

Having no car access on the foreshore works when we have events. It’s less stress watching for cars and less pollution – why not try it? I have been to many seaside resorts in the UK and Europe most have car free seafronts with cafes utilising the space with resudents and visitors relaxing car free.

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4 comments on “No cars on foreshore

  1. Sea front roads are a vital route for avoiding town centre traffic out high season. This scenic route brings a lot of visitors and is a major artery. As a local I drive around the bays at every opportunity. Scarborough isn’t only a resort for visitors, it is a place which attracts a lot of retired people who love to park on the sea front and drive around it.

  2. Yes, I have been thinking about this too. With my newly developed Blands Cliff Gardens, (Futurist site) leading beautifully up to the market with it’s new tree-lined square, there would be opportunity to make, at least the section in front of the Kings Cliff & Blands Cliff gardens fully pedestrianised.
    A turning point/roundabout could be put in front of Olympia so that cars could go that far, thus making access to the current disabled parking.
    Same at the bottom of the Eastborough?
    The open top bus is a tricky issue. I think it would better to go through town instead of going through that section. or would a tractor-train be better? (like Brid) not sure about that, no, I’m not sure about that, you wouldn’t get the views!

  3. I think this is a fantastic idea. At the moment you can hardly walk along the foreshore on a hot summer day without choking on fumes from slow-moving cars. It’s a win-win-win proposal

  4. I agree in part with this – as a compromise, why not make the foreshore one-way from the Spa roundabout to Peasholm. That way people with additional accessibility needs, and those visiting businesses, can still easily get to the places they need, and during the winter months people can still enjoy the drive around the headland.

    In addition, the speed limit should be dropped to a maximum of 15mph, and appropriate control measures put in place. This would reduce the impact of “boy racers” which have been an issue in recent years, as well as minimising the chance of serious traffic incidents along the seafront.

    The “recovered” lane could then be used to extend outdoor dining areas, and offer additional trader pitches, increasing the tourist offer, without overly impacting on trade needs.

    Extra thought would need to be put in to consider the routes (including possible contra-flow) for the open-top bus service, and for events such as the Gold Wings Parade, but overall, such a proposal would greatly improve the Foreshore and Harbour area.

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