Off road bike trails

There are so many walking paths around Worcester but none can accommodate bicycles. Lots of kids pull off wheelies in the city which is a dangerous nuisance but nothing is being done to solve this. Current walking paths could easily be transformed into off road cycling paths with little cost which would make space for youngsters as well as promote healthy lifestyle among ordinary people. Nowadays the only path like this is along the canal, which is often crowded. Perhaps an off road trail going to Malvern completely avoiding the main road?

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  1. It would certainly be appreciated if the County Council was to re-instate the cycle infrastructure budget it got rid of over 5 years ago so it didn’t have to rely entirely on ‘opportunistic’ developer and Government funding to improve the walking and cycling infrastructure and in the irrational belief that building more roads will solve congestion in the City. What’s needed is a priority for investment in public transport and active travel.

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