Offord Lane to become an international business street

The town to make Offord Lane an international food / business street. At the moment there are a number of business from around the world eg Ireland Italy Poland England India Ukraine Bulgaria kakistan etc.. give all the business incentives to create sit down restaurants ..with fixed prices meal offers think rush home in Manchester or lark lane in Liverpool.

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3 comments on “Offord Lane to become an international business street

  1. It’s full of takeaways and junk food no wonder that there is so much obesity in this area of Warrington.

  2. Orford lane used to be a fun place to visit. There used to be toy shops and newsagents as well as other places to visit now it’s absolutely disgusting. There’s nothing down there. If you want a barbers there’s plenty, if you want international supermarket, pubs, that’s the place or if you want stinking take away or a bookies just go down the lane. It’s absolutely pathetic orford lane has lost its character, it has bins overflowing and stinks.

  3. This needs properly looking at. I am from this town and local. The influx of barbers, takeaways, and international supermarkets is appalling. Orford Lane looks and smells a mess. Planners need to be held responsible for this mess and degenerate condition becasue of what they approve to be there.

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