Old Bathing pool site

Please do not build 5 tower blocks on the old bathing pool site! This site needs and can be something so much better to serve the existing community! Please rethink this planning! A Marina with shopping, cafes and some kind of homage to the beautiful art deco pool sadly no longer! Perhaps an art deco inspired mini pool, like an infinity pool using the natural seawater. Thank you.

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1 comment on “Old Bathing pool site

  1. We certainly need something more imaginative than blocks of flats now come on Really? We need to be looking towards future generations.

    It needs to be for leasure as we have an excellent promenade and cycle path. Which could link this new Leasure, Restaurants, water activities facility complementing our wonderful old town. You could even put a mini Pier there for boat and fishing trips. Perhaps to the Old town or Hastings/Eastbourne piers as the do in the West Country.

    It also an excellent half way stage between Hastings Old Town and Bexhill with their wonderful Art Deco De La Warr.

    I vuss some people may not like or laugh at these ideas but i am at least look positively on this chance.

    So lets have some out of box thinking on this.

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