Old Cinema area

The old Ritz cinema, once a bingo hall, has been left derelict for years and is really unsightly. This should be renovated or replaced, maybe as a community resource, and the whole area surrounding it could be improved, especially around the bus stops near the job centre.

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18 comments on “Old Cinema area

  1. The problem with this building is parking is quite bad for it so if is repurposed that needs taking into account. Imagine a cinema with over 100 seats and no where to park. Maybe something like a gaming centre, laser quest type place would be more appropriate?

  2. A proper Eyesore that is only getting worse. An embarrassment for the town. It’s right across from our Town Hall!

    I know it would take a lot of money to bring it up to usable standard …. but some form of Community or Educational project? A Community cafe or shop?

    How about if the work to sort it was carried out by appointed Long Eaton apprentices.

  3. My understanding is the building is in a serious state of disrepair. In particular the roof. I’m not sure any idea is a goer tbh.

  4. Agree. I have only live in long Eaton for 3 years so have never known the cinema to be open. But it looks really sad and unsightly and is one of the first big building you see coming in the main part of Long Eaton town from the Motorway.
    It would be amazing for it to be renovated as a cinema again or other function space. Bringing more jobs and social things to do in Long Eaton

    1. I think a Bowling Alley is a really good idea for Long Eaton. It would encourage groups to go out in the town. However it does not necessarily have to go in the old cinema.

  5. Cant we have it restored or repurposed? At best restarting from scratch. I have never been there. It rots every day we walk past it. I have been told it’s really bad and will need a lot of love. Long Eaton needs a sort of attraction to help the flow of the market place.

  6. Agree that this could be renovated into some sort of youth project would be awesome to see it became an indoor skate park. Skate parks in Nottingham and Melton Mowbray have provided an awesome base for young people letting them become part of it incorporating music and art alongside specialist support for autism and learning disabilities. Could be awesome, myself and my partner work in care and would love to help out!

    1. A skate park seems like a good idea, but I would need evidence that there are a large number of young people who wanted it, before supporting it.

  7. Definitely think this could be developed into a community centre with activities and resources for all ages including children and young people.

  8. I definitely agree to re install this building, it’s a part of long eaton’s history!

    You could bring the youth center in to the building so that could cover that category aswell.

      1. I would love to see a cinema in Long Eaton, I think it would encourage people including me, to go out here. I was pleased when the cinema was opened a few years ago, but the screen was very small for the films I saw, and that put me off. I think it would be possible for a cinema that gave a full on, small screen beating cinema experience could succeed in Long Eaton.

  9. I think this would make a great place for everyone to get together if renovated into a community resource centre with maybe a small screen cinema, youth club area and maybe a place for all ages to come together.

    1. This would definitely be a good idea. Perhaps include bowling/miniature golf etc something additional for youths to enjoy.

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