Old Town, New Town

Runcorn was one of the most important towns in the 1800’s in the whole of the north west. It’s docks brought in the raw materials to keep the Lancashire, Cheshire and Midlands factories running. It’s canals were the busy, thriving artery that kept the wheels of industry turning. Then they brought the wealth with the export of finished goods to the rest of the world. Before the steam trains, the bridges across the Mersey and road transport the canals were vital to the region. Here is the last chance to revive old Runcorn and reopen the locks that were the gateway to the rest of the world. Here is the last chance to tell the story of how Runcorn brought in the wealth that fuelled the industrial revolution. Regenerate the old town and tell the story of its heritage. It would tie together all the other local attractions, like the Ellesmere Port boat museum, the Anderton boat lift, the Liverpool quayside and many others. What a story Runcorn canals have to tell. Unlock Runcorn.

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  1. Totally agree with the above. Runcorn has been allowed to degenerate by successive councils for too long. Bring back the soul of the town that I knew in the 1960s, starting with reopening the locks then looking at what is left of the historic part of town and re-establishing the community.

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