Old town regeneration

Re open the canal link to the ship canal from the Bridgewater with a tourist drawing project. Redevelop the old town are as an attractive shopping location for independent retailers, making a unique offering and regeneration of Runcorn old town.

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200 comments on “Old town regeneration

  1. Reopening the locks is without doubt a fantastic project, however more is needed to regenerate the town, otherwise people will continue to just sail on past, by boat, train or car….
    Runcorn Old Town poses a fantastic opportunity for independent businesses, artisans and makers. The town is stacked in history, surrounded by waterways and has some stunning architecture. Old empty buildings (e.g the old library, Camden Bldg etc) should be opened up for fledgling businesses, to rent small spaces for a reasonable sum.
    Look to Liverpools Baltic Triangle or Lark Lane, Altrincham Market or Hebden Bridge or the many other ‘quirky’ towns that are emerging for inspiration.
    Note the success of the Independents who have already set up in the old town, and work to develop that model.
    Make more of what we have that is unique, so that people want to stop off not just go past en route to the cities.

  2. I am involved with the Unlock Runcorn project. It is a fantastic vision which will result in the town becoming a centrepiece for exciting engineering. Once completed, the project, with a boat lift and inclined plane will set it in the same league as the Falkirk Wheel. The expansion in tourism at Falkirk is a good indicator of what could happen at Runcorn. The Runcorn project will be a beacon of excellence, not just in the North West but in the whole of the U. K.

  3. I feel the money needs to be split evenly between old town and new town. The old town is pretty simple. Open the locks and bring back the market. The new town needs some kind of attraction for families. The shopping city doesnt need the money as much I feel but there needs to be more effort in bringing bigger named stores in to it. If anything, I’d love to see something done to town park. It’s such a lovely big area. It could have more done to it to bring more families in the community together.

  4. I am a Scotsman who has lived in Runcorn for over 40yrs.
    During this time I have seen the town degenerate to a terrible extent.
    I believe that reopening the link between the two canals will have a huge positive effect on visitors who will increase the quality of life in the Old Town, and generate employment in the community.
    This is the reason I am a volunteer with the Unlock Runcorn campaign. HV

  5. This is a much needed project which will be a catalyst to bring commercial investment into one of the most deprived parts of the country. It has support from every stakeholder, including Halton Borough Council, the Liverpool City Region and thousands of local people and volunteers. But it needs financial backing to make it a reality.

  6. Runcorn has been neglected in the Top Locks area for too long. As this was the area that pushed the town into the 19th century I feel more than ever that re-opening the original line of locks will do exactly the same for the 21st century.

  7. Would like tobe involved as a child lived in percival lane so know the locks and turning holes well, can still walk the canal in my mind

    1. Come and see us all on a Saturday morning at the Compound

      R.L.R.S Visitors Hub
      Algernon Street
      WA7 1ER
      United Kingdom

  8. I think this project is a fantastic idea, anything that brings something to Runcorn is a good thing.
    This project has been thoroughly worked through and has great potential

  9. Runcorn Old Town needs this plan of investment and should give a good financial return.
    I feel it will also help to bring a better community spirit.

  10. I remember the days when these locks were in use. and also the days when they were filled in, they used old flats and rubble from old buildings in the old town. it was a mindless act made Runcorn a dead end, I have been a member since the society was formed and I am so pleased to hear that the reopening is in sight, it will give great uplift to our historic town .

  11. I think You will agree….>
    What is going on down on the Island on The Old Line of the Bridgewater Locks Is Fantastic and Exciting for the Future of The Runcorn Towns Future development !
    It’s a Shame that it took some VERY Devoted and Strong Minded .’VOLUNTEERS’ to get this started their devotion and efforts are Fantastic.
    In Giving Their Valuable Time has made this Project a Realistic and Foreseeable dream Come True!
    Each and Every one of them should be Recognised By HBC for what THEY have Achieved !
    I hope HBC will put the investment in That will encourage the Growth. Of the Town that This Project will generate.
    I have said on many groups many times.
    That “HBC Must NOW “INVEST” BY Creating an On Going “Marketing” Program and Exploit The Mass of RUNCORN’s History. To Create and Develop the Historical Attractions that will Encourage Tourism to the Area.to see Our Wanderful Town.
    With what is happening, Runcorn has a Bright Future for the first time in Decades , If HBC get it Right! and put the “INVESTMENT” in.
    I am 66 yrs Old I doubt I or even most on My Generation will see the Full Benefits of All this Possible Development and Regeneration of Runcorn Town Centre But I Hope My Grandchildren Will!
    I REPEAT The Volunteers are Doing Their Bit “The Rest is Down to HBC with the Effort and Support and Most of ALL Investment They CAN and SHOULD Put In!!

  12. This would be great for Runcorn. As someone who uses the canal regularly it would make such a difference to the town in terms of visitors who could then continue their journey around rather than having to turn around.

  13. I cannot believe the re-opening of the Bridgewater canal to ship canal flight was not incorporated into the Silver Jubilee bridge modifications.
    Way overdue & would be a perfect opportunity for Boris to follow words with actions & prove he’s reinvesting in the North!

  14. The development would put Runcorn on the map. The much neglected Old Town would be transformed bringing new visitors to the area. It could be a jewel in the crown for the North!

  15. Runcorn old town is in desperate need of regeneration, as the new bridge means people don’t even know the town is there. Opening up the link between the Bridgewater canal to the ship canal will bring visitors to the area. This will in turn bring new shops, and restaurants and employment opportunities for the residence of Runcorn, and save the old town turning into a ghost town.

  16. This will make such a difference to Runcorn. All other canal restoration have done so much for their local areas bringing not only boats but coach loads of people from all over the country. Boats will be making it their destination from as far away as London, Leeds and areas like Worcestershire. Runcorn will be reborn. If you have never thought of Runcorn as a tourist town just wait and see.

  17. This section of canal is an important part of our canal heretage and due to its location will undoubtedly bring much needed footfall to the region the skill and enthusiasm is already available the project just needs a boost

  18. We should be doing all we can to retain our heritage, before it’s all gone. What an amazing project and tourist attraction this will be.

  19. I support the reopening of the Runcorn locks and the reopening of the canal link to the ship canal as part of the regeneration of the Old Town and surrounding area.

  20. Agreed. Revitalize the old town by attracting tourism based on the canals. Re- open the locks as a major part of the attraction of the area. The historic waterways form an important part of Britain’s industrial revolution and domination of world trade.

  21. Runcorn Old Town needs some heavy rejuvenation with well known retailers coming into the town ,not out in the sticks at retail parks. Runcorn is nothing but Charity shops , a lot of takeaways and numerous hairdressers. Does the council not worry about the right mix of retail anymore, just to get the rent in……

  22. This is a splendid idea, and long overdue. The big barrier is the approach road of the Silver Jubilee Mersey road bridge, which infilled the original canal route. Now that much of the river crossing traffic is siphoned off to the new Mersey Gateway Bridge, it would be much less disruptive to tunnel under the road, and would make a huge difference to Runcorn – not simply to boaters, but to local businesses and residents.

  23. I have lived in Runcorn all my life – 61 years. It is such a shame that it has been carved up and destroyed. It was once a place to be proud of, now it is an embarrassment. It is dirty, scruffy, tatty and there seems to be no pride in the surroundings from anyone.

    I would love to see the canals and locks being restored and the town become a place to shop in individual little businesses rather than charity shops and take aways.

  24. Opening the locks and attracting boat tourism and visitors back into our town could potentially turn Runcorn old towns fortune around overnight. Building on the potential to make Runcorn the water gateway to Cheshire through its canals and links to the river Mersey and river weaver would have an incredibly positive impact on the local communities. Runcorn’s shipbuilding heritage and links to the waterways has helped define the towns identity which has sadly been diluted over the years through neglect, poor planning and lack of investment in the areas that require attention such as tourism.

    The canals have always been the heart of the town and are enjoyed by all. They are a rare jewel and the veins of the town. Let’s share their attraction and beauty with others by capitalising on tourism to help breathe life back into our once proud town. Opening the locks will bring new visitors and intern investment, retailers and opportunities back to our high street whilst giving the local communities something they can be proud off whilst also enjoying the benefits the opening of locks will bring.

  25. Canals can be a major contributor to the local economy of a town. I was a travel and tourism lecturer and one of my case studies was the Huddersfield Narrow dubbed ‘the Impossible Dream’ was a prime example of how towns such as Stalybridge were regenerated from the restoration of the canal.

  26. This is a great idea! The Old Town really needs some new life. Runcorn (with the new bridge) is now a national hub and needs leisure facilities to match. This way we are also showing the fantastic local history.

  27. Opening the flight will be a tourist attraction, boaters and canal engineering enthusiasts alike will come. I will definitely be there, I used to play there as a child in the nineteen fifties

  28. It’s about the council did something for Runcorn. It’s a disgrace all the money ploughed into Widnes. Open the canal and bring the town alive

  29. Many towns that have canals consider them a wonderful opportunity to attract inward investment and we have more than one. The Bridgewater is already picturesque let’s make the most of it. Old town investment would surely follow.
    Can’t wait!

  30. Re-opening the canal link is such a good plan, providing employment in the construction phase, and enabling vastly increased leisure usage of the canal using the newly created circular routes which will then exist. This in turn will benefit the town and its traders.

  31. It would be fantastic for Runcorn to reopen the link to the ship canal,it would revitalise and encourage investment and be a big draw for the town.

  32. I would love to see the canal locks reopened.
    With all the possibilities that could come of it reopening would be a great asset for Runcorn.

  33. Much has been done to improve Runcorn but the footfall needs to be increased, this could be achieved in part by the opening of the canal link.
    Providing an opportunity for private investors / retailers which would generate the desired improvements.

  34. This project is such an opportunity not only to reinvigorate the local area but also to return a link with such national historical significance that cannot be forgotten and is worthy of saving for the future generations.

  35. Hope this will help the restoration of the canal lock flights from the Bridgewater canal down to Weston Point docks on the River Weaver. This will open a waterways ring for boats, walkers and cyclists to travel down the Weaver, up the restored locks into Runcorn to re provision in local shops and visit the old town, before heading up the Bridgewater canal to turn right, through Preston Brook tunnel and take the Trent and Mersey canal to the Anderton boat lift, down the lift on to the Weaver again. Apart from the two [staffed] locks on the Weaver, this will be a brilliant new cruising ring with only Runcorn [and Northwich if boats travel up the Weaver below Anderton] a canal side shopping point with a choice of shops

  36. We must reopen the old line of locks to establish Runcorn once again as a canal town that tourists want to visit. This will turbo charge the redevelopment of a significant and major historical NW town.

  37. When I moved to Runcorn 30+ years ago, the old town was vibrant and relative. Its now become a ghost town aquainted by those looking for a takeaway. Re-open the canals and bring back life and prosperity to the area and community. Dont let this town fade away anymore than it as

  38. So much improvement has been made already it has to be said, there is still a long way to go though.
    Opening the canal access would bring in a wealth of opportunities for local retail and employment. That would enrich our community which can only be a good thing, the benefits of which are endless. Health and well-being is just one of them.

  39. I would love to see the canal open. It was a big part of my life growing up in brunswick Street. I would go fishing with my dad. Great times

  40. This would be of benefit to everyone in the north west, not just Runcorn people. Opening up the canal would give the heart of the town a reason to grow and flourish, with lots of nice cafes and shops and interesting things to do would attract people. A canal is a fantastic nature reserve too. Please help us do it.

  41. It is so important to reinstate the link from the Bridgewater Canal to the Manchester Ship Canal. This plan would being prosperity to Runcorn as it would be the focus of the project. Whereas currently, canal boaters by-pass the Runcorn Arm of the canal, the reinstatement of the currently in-filled canal would encourage through traffic with the creation of a new waterways cruising ring via the Manchester Ship Canal, Weaver Navigation, Anderton Boat Lift and the Trent and Mersey Canal. The benefits of the link are many so it is imperative that the plan to link the two canals goes ahead.

  42. Reopening the Canal link to the Ship Canal will restore the reasons for the canal to come to Runcorn, Boats & Leisure Visitors to come & use the historic canal link, drawing in commerce, visitors to the Brindley Theatre & to the Town Centre, providing Leisure craft with a canal loop & new historic canal route.

  43. This once thriving town with its tanneries and chemical industries has been left to rot (like so many northern towns) and since the building of the “new town” in the 1970’s has received precious little government attention in the last 50 years.
    Boris promised to spread spending more equally across the country, if that was just talk to win the election he will not win another, we northerners do not forget!

  44. This lock flight was the final link in one of the oldest canals in the country, joining Manchester and Worsley to the Mersey – long before the Ship Canal. Reopening this link would complete a circular route taking in Preston Brook tunnel, the historic Anderton Boat Lift in Northwich, and the River Weaver. Circular “rings” are very popular with leisure boaters, and this would transform the canal in Runcorn from a dead end into a busy and active transport link. The lock flight itself (or alternative such as an inclined plane) would be an attraction in its own right, and in all this development would bring much needed business and visitors to the Runcorn Old Town.

  45. I agree that the old locks should be opened back up to try help regenerate the Runcorn old town and surrounding area. This area has suffered disproportionately to others through lack of investment and poor council planning for generations and is in desperate need of a boost. The people believe that no one cares about them or their town and this is an opportunity to show the people that a once vibrant small town can exist here. I fully support this project.

  46. I live very close to the proposed site of the new canal connection. I am very keen to see the reintroduction of this exciting development and am very hopeful of the regeneration it will bring to the town.

  47. Since the late 1970s the Bridgewater Canal, often described as England’s first true canal has ended at a wall near the iconic Waterloo bridge, not really a fitting end to such an important historical first for this country. The closure has resulted in little or no traffic on the canal at Runcorn. It would be great to see us regain this missing link so Runcorn can benefit by having boats visiting the town centre and giving leisure craft a purpose to visit Runcorn by canal. This can also be the first step and catalyst towards a sustainable regeneration of the area.

  48. Runcorn is in dire need of investment and the proposed plan of opening the canal and redeveloping the old town is much needed.

  49. With traffic now being diverted to the new Mersey Gateway, I feel this is an ideal opportunity to reinstate the locks at Waterloo Bridge. I think this would be fantastic for Runcorn, especially the Old Town. We would have canal traffic passing through and hopefully spending money during their stay in our local shops.

  50. I have fully supported the reopening of this very exciting canal link, even before the Mersey gateway was a thing – which I also supported from early 2000s.

    It is an exciting opportunity for the old town which has struggled to attract investment and a decent opportunity to improve its image.

    With the old bridge being changed, this is the only chance we have to make this a reality.

  51. What a great chance. A lot of the infrastructure of the locks is still there and to open the link would create new opportunities for both old and new businesses to flourish and bring fresh life to the town.
    Best of luck Runcorn with your efforts.

  52. Reopen the canal which will act as a catalyst to develop the old town in conjunction with the redevelopment of the station quarter which will bring in visitors by train along with the opening off the old bridge for motorist into the town, then to top this all the new canal traffic which can be a hub for boats passing through. So trains boats and cars/buses so why not go for it and make it a success after years of decline.

  53. What a great idea!
    Any efforts to expand our wonderful canal system should be applauded, I think.
    Circular routes are rare but very popular on the UK canals. So if this gets off the ground, success is almost certain, bringing increased prosperity to the area.
    Other canal restoration projects seem to attract considerable numbers of volunteers, keen to put their enthusiasm to good use.

  54. I support this project as it would be a catalyst to the regeneration of the Runcorn waterfront and restore a key item of canal heritage

  55. This development could make a massive difference to Runcorn and put us on the map- literally- at least the canal map for those with their own or hired touring boats for leisure. It’s something a great many of us have hoped for in the not too distant future.

  56. The idea of reopening the locks atr Runcorn is an excellent on that will bring significant and sustainable benefits to the town through increaed use of the canal which would become a through route once again.

  57. Just have a look at Gas Street in Birmingham to see just what effect a rejuvenated (or in Runcorn’s case – reopened) canal can have on the local area. The locks are Runcorn’s yet to be discovered jewel.

  58. At the moment the Bridgewater canal ends at Runcorn – there is no reason to visit by boat (I haven’t on three occasions I’ve passed that way. However, with the re-opening of the locks down to the Ship Canal – the Canal will become part of a circular route, and an obvious mooring place for craft and their crews either before or after using the link. Most would stay overnight. This brings tourist trade to evening venues, shopping trade to local shops for restocking, and the actual movement of boats through this historic flight will itself bring gongoozlers to watch, improve their well being by being by water and picnicking – i.e. increase the tourist footfall and income. Additionally, it will increase the appeal of the local area, with a resultant increase in property values

  59. This is an absolutely transforming project that will allow Runcorn to have a heart again.
    The canals are mostly hidden or forgotten in Runcorn yet remain beautiful and restful and a much needed change if scenery.
    Reopening the locks would give Runcorn a huge boost and allow people to find beauty, peace and heritage right at home.

  60. I myself am a young 82 year old (39 forever to those who know me). We should all back this project, just think of the exciting legacy we leave for the future of this town. The council are making a start by regenerating the station area please carry on with this positive thinking.

  61. To have this area re-linked would bring prosperity and diversity to the Town. It would be a fabulous spectacle and be great for the regeneration of the town.

  62. The town of Runcorn requires a substantial upgrade to prevent further decay. Re-opening the canal would attract the canal boating community giving a new lease of life.

  63. I’ve fished top cut and played on top locks,also worked ship canal for ten years,my grandparents lived on the canals and seen many changes we need our own centre point to work from,this is it.

  64. This is a really great idea. The Bridgewater canal brings amenity, business and jobs. Not only would the amenity value of a working flight of locks through the middle of Runcorn be considerable (with all the other canal incidentals that go with it like side ponds) but there is a ready market for canal oriented services that could be met. Marina, chandlery, boat repair, trip boats….. there are a range of well understood opportunities.

    This would revitalise the centre of Runcorn Old Town.

  65. Opening the locks would be really good for Runcorn. I think it would compliment the new station quarter and bring in new visitors.

  66. Please give serious consideration to providing financial support – I should be delighted to see Runcorn old town return to as it was when I was a boy. The icing-on-the-cake would be to see the Bridgewater Canal again connected to the Manchester Ship Canal.

  67. I remember the flight of locks that went from the canal to the ship canal, the town was vibrant then. I believe reopening the link would be enormously beneficial to the town and would be a major contributor to the local economy.

  68. I would love to see the canal reopened and as an active volunteer and local resident can really see the benefit to the town centre and wider areas.
    Let’s unlock Runcorns potential!

  69. If anyone in Halton council had any sense or any morals this would be an automatic decision and they should be trying to move heaven and earth to do it,the way the council has treated the residents of the old town over the last 50 years is nothing more than shabby always second best to the new town developments. I have lived away from Runcorn for most of that 50 years but have visited many times and it always makes me sad to see the town i was brought up in,in the mess it is,it used to be a nice little town, not special just nice, i would love to see its fortunes turned around.

  70. Runcorn Old Town is in desperate need of regeneration. The proposed reopening of the locks would be an important step in the process of bringing life back into the town centre.

  71. The reopening of old canals has repeatedly demonstrated that they can help to redevelop and improve many areas of the country. They are great recreational corridors, attract wildlife, help to bring in people to improve the local economy and create employment.

    Reopening this link between the Bridgewater and MSC will attract people and money and significantly improve this area of Runcorn.

  72. As a life long resident of Runcorn (67 years) it is only right that the link between the Bridgewater Canal and Manchester Ship Canal is re-instated to right the wrongs of the past when the Runcorn Widnes Bridge was constructed. I can’t believe the access roads to the old bridge were passed by the planners which uleffectively closed off access to the locks making the Bridgewater Canal a cul-de-sac at the Runcorn end.
    Opening up the link and re-instating the locks with regeneration along the canal side is a great opportunity for tourism for the town with obvious financial benefits and should go a head asap.

  73. I’m supporting this project in memory of my husband, Derek Harrison. He was hoping to see the re-opening of the canal link.

  74. To reopen the canal link would help to revitalise the town. Alongside the Station Quarter project it will enhance the area and serve locals and tourists. Runcorn has a long history connected with the waterways and this should be celebrated and used to the town’s advantage.

  75. Runcorn is a unique and beautiful town. My chosen home for the last 43 years.
    Lets look after it. Get the town back to its glory days.

  76. The industrial snd cultural heritage of Runcorn is as important in its way as that of Birmingham or Manchester. Inextricably wrapped up in the history of transport in NW England, the town’s unique position at the junction of the Bridgewater one of the (if not THE) oldest commercial canal in the country, and the Manchester Ship Canal surely deserves celebrating. Reopening the locks which made the connection would be a super-appropriate way of doing so, and could provide the springboard for a new centre of historic interest. Canals at the core, but also the industries that used them as well as other transport links – bridges the town has had aplenty.

  77. As a family historian, born and bred Runcornian I am in full support of this project. It would bring jobs and visitors to our Town and turn it back into a thriving community.

  78. Restoring the lost canal link from the Bridgewater to the Manchester Ship Canal will give Runcorn a unique transport link, which will draw both boaters and visitors to the town. This will bring increased trade to the local community and will create jobs, whilst restoring a piece of Runcorn’s heritage.

  79. Re- opening the link from the Bridgewater to the ship canal will breath life into a very run down area. The tourist attraction of the proposal will be immense, one only has to look at the effects of the Falkirk Wheel and the Anderton lift.

  80. The town has a chance to do something really good by re-opening the line of locks from the Bridgewater Canal to the Manchester Ship Canal. This could potentially bring in a regular stream of tourists to the town and allow for development which will enhance what is already going on in the Station Quarter.

  81. As the area around the conclusion of the Bridgewater canal at Runcorn is being developed, it would be timely to reopen the canal and join it to the Cheshire Ring.
    This would bring much needed tourism and increase foot- fall to the proposed retail units, thus increasing the long-term success of the development.

  82. Re-opening the flight of locks to join up with the Ship Canal would be a great opportunity , not only for Runcorn, but for the whole of the canal using community.It would also open a new cruising ring,attracting further visitors

  83. The canal network built for the Duke of Bridgewater played a vital role in the development of Runcorn as a town and industrial centre. Sadly, this heritage has neither been recognised, nor celebrated (until now). Reopening the canal will provide opportunities to exploit the potential of the canal with regards the heritage tourism industry and could play a vital part in the regeneration of Runcorn old town.

  84. Reopen the canal link to help restore the old town – building on it’s heritage and to develop and provide social and job opportunities for our young and future generations. This will help the old town survive and thrive.

  85. It is essential to the future of Runcorn town centre that this project is undertaken and that the council actually do something positive for Runcorn for a change.

  86. This unique project is just what the town needs, not only will it provide a boating experience like no other in the country including a boat lift, working locks and inclined plane. It will also attract local jobs for local people. A winner all round.

  87. As a boat owner on the Bridgewater Canal, the reopening of the link onto the Manchester Ship Canal will give many people the opportunity to visit another waterway and increase the amount of navigable waterways available to the boating community.
    Having served at sea for many years, I only once made a passage along the ship canal and was astounded by the countryside in which it passes through, especially the upper reaches.
    The opening of the link will secure much needed employment in the area and give local residents the opportunity to learn new skills and learn more about the area in which they live.

  88. Reopening the link will help Runcorn creat much needed jobs in the leisure industry. People are naturally attracted to water and the new link will encourage people to exercise when walking the canal bank. Boaters will benefit too as the popular pastime of canal cruising is rapidly expanding throughout the country.

  89. At a time when Towns are literally fading from our history, this is a fantastic opportunity to Revitalise Runcorn, by opening the Canal link.
    This is my home, and this investment along with the work already underway by volunteers, will bring in new business opportunities, breathe life back into the Town, and allow Runcorn to share its canal and history with others.

  90. Long overdue. Its time to restore our old heritage which was decimated when the Runcorn Development Corporation arrived in the 60’s & 70’s to ‘revitalise’ and expand our town. Our old locks are an ideal place to start!

  91. This is a most worthy project indeed and is an absolute must if Runcorn is ever again going to thrive. Decades of sheer neglect and bad decisions by politicians locally must be reversed and this project would be a giant leap in the right direction.

  92. We in Runcorn would like and really need our Bridgewater canal to Manchester ship Canal reopened. It will greatly benefit the area in many ways, which Runcorn desperately needs.

  93. The re generation of the railway quarter and improved Runcorn bridge approach roads along a canal opening would greatly improve the area by bringing great, much needed, posterity for the town, and future generations to come.

  94. I really hope that this worthwhile project comes to pass, blocking up the link in the first place showed considerable lack of foresight. Please lets not see history repeat itself and deny Runcorn the benefits of rejuvenation

  95. I visited Runcorn by boat in 2016 and was overjoyed to read of the plans for Unlock Runcorn. Hope these plans can go ahead. Good stuff…!!

  96. Runcorn old town has been decimated by redevelopment of the new town many years ago. There is so much potential in the old town area, there is a rich history linked to the unique waterways, the area could have a whole new lease of life. We deserve our town to be preserved, improved and returned to a community our residents can be proud of once again.

  97. To open up the Canal would just
    Open up Runcorn Town’s future, this will be an amazing economic achievement for the whole of our Borough

    1.We would become “A must visit Town” from all over the Country.
    2.New business would be attracted to move here,
    3.Our children’s lives would be enriched
    4.A New page in history opened.
    Good Luck with this project we are right behind you

  98. the Bridgewater Canal along with the Manchester ship canal were the notorious attractions for this town and it is about time the local government and its ‘very supportive councillors’ lobbied the government to bring our town back to life and the reopening of the Bridgewater Canal would bring so much tourism back as well as jobs and make the town alive instead of a ghost town.

    we need it doing now not in years to come or if ever if we don’t lobby long and hard

  99. Runcorn is in dire need of something that looks good & is practical. We also need to unite the new & old town as they are so divided. Aspirations are low with little to inspire people. The work that the volunteers have done so far is tremendous & will gather momentum as the plans come to life. Little Venice in London, the villages of Stockton Heath & Lymm have all benefited greatly from having waterways that pass through. As ours comes to a dead end it isn’t attractive, opening up the loop will bring many people to the town, increasing revenue & raising aspirations.

  100. Restore and re-open the canal link between the Bridgewater Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal. Short-term this will be for tourism, but when diesel engines have been banned, canals will provide an ultra-low friction transport system that is ideal for battery-electric or other zero-carbon propulsion systems when they are developed. Better to prepare by opening the canals now, while we can still use existing diesel-powered machinery.

  101. Recently moved to Waterside Court, Old Coach Road, Runcorn.

    I am very near the canal and obviously interested in the restoration.

  102. I do so much hope the canal and the old locks are brought back to life….even though I don’t own a boat….it will be lovely place to visit with my grandchildren.

    Nick from Runcorn.

  103. I have only recently moved to Runcorn and am really looking forward to the re-opening of the canal.
    Surely this will be a huge tourist attraction.

  104. I would love to see the canal re-open, this would give a much needed boost to the people of Runcorn and show the Government is serious about revitalising the North.

  105. A much need re-opening of the link would bring tourists to the town,which would have a knock on effect for local businesses and regeneration of the town.

  106. I really do think to re-open the canal link to the ship canal will help Massively to the very much needed regeneration of Runcorn Old Town.

  107. A vital improvement to Runcorn’s important contribution to the development of the town and the industry of the area. Too much of Runcorn’s history has been demolished.

  108. An excellent way to make better use of the areas resources. Attracting visitors as well as providing opportunities for local people.

  109. I’d be interested to know who completed the business plan to get the funding for the new concrete paving being installed in-front of the railway, I can’t exactly see anyone saying this looks nice let’s get off the train to explore and spend money. I can however see the benefit of opening the locks

  110. The reopening of the Bridgewater Canal through Runcorn locks should present an unmissable opportunity for regeneration. It would recreate a canal ring, so beloved of all canal enthusiasts, linking The Bridgewater Canal with the Shropshire Union Canal via the Manchester Ship Canal at Ellesmere Port. Boaters passing through an area require facilities, pump-out, water, diesel, refuse and inevitably shopping! Supermarkets, fast food, anything and everything you can imagine. Leisure activities, too, The Brindley Theatre, swimming pools, cinema would certainly benefit. Ellesmere Port, too would gain enormously in much the same way especially with the proximity of its Cheshire Oaks shopping and leisure centre. Don’t ignore this opportunity. The Northern Power House needs more schemes at a relatively modest investment to become reality. If you are serious, “Go for it!”

  111. What a brilliant idea. Revitalise the area for locals but also bring in boaters who, given safe and secure moorings, will spend!
    Can’t believe this hasn’t already been sorted.
    Yes and now, please!

  112. Opening up the locks would be a fantastic thing to happen to Runcorn. Over the years Runcorn old town has put up with constant pollution from heavy traffic over the Jubilee bridge not to mention the town on occasions being grid locked. the opening of the locks with all of the obvious benifits of atracing boating people to the town would would be a bit of nice pay back to the people of Runcorn.

  113. Runcorn has been long overlooked for development as industries have left the town. This development is vital in rejuvenating Runcorn and helping develop a new tourist economy.

  114. It be really good for runcorn town centre and the canal it bring new lease of life into runcorn hopefully it does come off 😊

  115. I think the Unlock project in Runcorn will not only benefit the town but also Liverpool. Combined with the station quarter I think interest parties will arrive by train and not only look at the relinking of the canals but carry on there journey and visit Liverpool. If the vast majority are of the boating community it would be a lot quicker to see the attractions via the rail link and then return another time via their boats. Not everyone has seen Liverpool so it’s a good opportunity to see both.

  116. I fully support this project in the belief that Runcorn needs serious investment and regeneration in the old town and that this could be the first step.

  117. I would love to see the canal re opened. Runcorn is desperate for regeneration and I think the re opened canal should be the focal point of the Old Town as it is what makes Runcorn unique and different from other town centers. I think it would bring a lot of visitors and shoppers to the town and really hope that it re opens.

  118. This exciting project is just what Runcorn needs to bring back the importance that this town played in history. We’ve already lost too many iconic buildings – and a famous Transporter bridge – that could have been part of the story of Runcorn. Residents of the town should get behind this scheme which will bring visitors to the area and help bring this town back to what it once was.

  119. With the Silver Jubilee bridge about to reopen and the retail development including Ten Lock Flight and the Station Quarter in progress this seems like a logical progression for Runcorn and its revitalization.
    Runcorn and its residents sorely need this.

  120. Yes…Runcorn Old Town has been neglected for far too long…
    I was born here in 1940… you should have seen it then… 1940/50’s …even war years and stringent rationing didn’t do to our town what has been done to it since….. unbelievable…
    Yes… time to get something back…

  121. Reopening the canal would help to bring much needed investment and the halo effect on the town will regenerate it for generations to come.

  122. The old town has history, it has the canals, it has great potential. Re-open the canal link, bringing the tourists in, create an old town environment with welcoming cafes and bars alongside the canals, quirky gift shops, picnic areas, landscaping. Help the already established, loyal shops such as the book shop, Devonshire bakery, Shaw butchers, Monks and others to continue to survive and once again thrive. Have vision, breathe new life into the old town and let it have a future again. Utilise and visualise the great opportunities that are on hand with our canals and bridges.

  123. As someone that lives and works in the Old Town, I support any effort for regeneration. Runcorn, but especially the Old Town has so much potential to be great.

  124. By reopening the locks will assist in regeneration of Runcorn Town (old Runcorn) it will in my opinion bring new life, tourism to a town steeped in a history that we as a community can help unlock (pardon the pun) for all to enjoy and learn about.

  125. This enterprise would be a massive boost for our community, not only revitalising our heritage but also regenerating a vital link for tourism and enterprise to flourish again within our town. I would love to see the locks open once again as I was a child of Runcorn old town. It would be fantastic to use the locks and see the pleasure and prosperity this would bring to our town.

  126. I fully support the Unlock Runcorn project to reinstate the Bridgewater Canal link to The Manchester Ship Canal. This will bring significant benefits to the community.

  127. Runcorn will attract tourists both boaters and other people from all walks of life. When the Canal link is reopened between the Runcorn arm of the Bridgewater canal to the Manchester Ship Canal including a boat lift, new engineering on the locks to the two restored historical lock chambers. Then onto the engineered incline to the Manchester Ship Canal itself. The new facilities will include a Marina providing further employment and income. The only place in the UK with all these engineering attractions. The attractive Shopping Cafe Restaurant areas will provide employment and revitalise the area making Runcorn an attractive place to visit with good rail, road and boat transport. Exciting times for everyone working, living and visiting Runcorn

  128. This is just what runcorn needs. Not just reopening canal, it’ll be a unique attraction, with a boat lift and the only working inclined plane in the country. That’s apart from the historic locks, which will be a major attraction in itself. The whole thing will revitalise runcorn.

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