Old Tramroad bridge

Please repair the old bridge. It can be done at a cost much cheaper then demolition and replacement. The current bridge is a reflection of Preston’s proud historical past. A lot of people south of the river used it to walk / cycle safely into town, less now that the other bridge has to be used. A modern design would look totally out of place. We just want our bridge back, please.

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2 comments on “Old Tramroad bridge

  1. I totally agree with this comment. The Tram Bridge is very much a part of our heritage and should be kept in good repair.

    1. The Tram Bridge is a very important part of our heritage and should be maintained and kept in good repair. Prior to the closure it was a main thoroughfare for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, both for pleasure and as a means of travelling to work.
      Avenham and Miller parks have been made into a beautiful oasis but they are being let down by the security fencing that has been erected at the Tram Bridge and also on the old railway bridge.

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