OLD wine, NEW bottles…

1. Invest in a public/private partnership for a slimmed down Ferry Service to West Lynn = reduces traffic and parking…helps families…promote views of KLynn from across the river etc (roots to back to 1285).
2. Reopen the iconic Customs House…..my friends in the Midlands still expect the TICentre to be there and Not locked!
3. Ensure that the Carnegie library continues as now or is used as a research centre or base with fully qualified staff. Any new facility needs to be very carefully thought through. I presume you have already properly consulted existing staff?
4. I have had no problems accessing as a disabled resident both the Customs House and the Library and it lifts my well being to go there (if open!).
5 . Promote visits and tourism INTO our town and port. The Tuesday Market Place is or should be an experience in itself as in continental Europe.

Change is inevitable but not automatically an improvement or progress.

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