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Do something with the old Somerfield/coop building definitely, maybe something for kids like a big soft play, as nothing decent like that round here really only the drove tiny one. Do something with the old libertys building too, so much potential going to waste. Make it easier/cheaper for new businesses to come to town centre? Also more monitoring and cleaning up of the new skate park, always dog mess there and intimidating older kids/adults playing inappropriate music, maybe some kind of park warden needed, or police CSOs. Also a cafe there would be amazing. Open the beach and have a cafe and amusement type place there again like the old days, I miss the ladybirds lol. More monitoring for dog owners picking up poo, went for walk down harbour recently and was shocked by how much dog mess there was, need cctv or something, more fines/penalties enforced. Newhaven has so much potential, if was more going on in town etc more to do then maybe people would have more pride in their town?

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