Open the old railway bridge over the Aire as cycleway

There is a disused railway bridge over the Aire River from Wheldon Road.

If it were repaired and reopened as a cycleway/footbridge it would give great access to the RSPB Fairburn Ings nature reserve directly from the centre of Castleford.

This would make the Nature reserve feel a part of Castleford rather than being accessible by car across the river.

The access to the park would make the former industrial side of Castleford much more attractive for regeneration.

It could also link to Allerton Bywater giving a traffic free route and help reduce motor traffic.

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34 comments on “Open the old railway bridge over the Aire as cycleway

  1. The area between Aire Street and Carlton Street needs a major facelift, probably majoring on the riverside itself, now that the water is no longer noxious. It’s no good pumping money into trying to bring big retailers back; that ship has sailed. We need a town centre that is a pleasure to linger in and to live in.

  2. Enforce waste management.
    Clean up the slip road off J32 to Xscape – very poor first impression with lots of bottles etc on the grass verge just before the traffic lights. Fine the van drivers who empty their vans in this area.
    More CCTV around vulnerable areas such as this – use it and lock up those who vandalise and litter.
    When you’ve got this bit right, spend money on the town but not before.

  3. More activities/ support for young people : there is Hutt in Airedale but it’s not used to it’s potential and there could be something like that in town centre,maybe a bit smaller with youth support worker available or a place where old and young could mix without judging each other..

  4. Stop the river flooding barnsdale road and help them in allerton bywater it cost a fortune to travel anywhere when it floods

  5. Clean up the town centre, invest in more policing in the area to control crime and drive out drug abuse which is evident in the town centre. Invest in making the town a revived safe place rather than wasting money on railway bridges etc. Invest in the important things such as homeless shelters and a place for addicts to recover and go to for help.

  6. Fill all the potholes or resurface the roads, improve public footpaths, better police presence in the town centre day and night and create better services for youths.

  7. Spend money rejuvenating the towns amazing parks & reinstall pride in our environment & creating a community hub.
    Preventing ASB from the kids who have nothing in the area & the drug users & rough sleepers who do not respect the parks & prevent families from enjoying the parks

  8. *Youth and social clubs to help keep the youths on the right track.
    *Money spent on public services.
    *Money spent on services for the old and vunerable.

  9. Where pavements will allow, narrow the pavement on one side of the street to widen the road area (Smawthorne Lane is a good example of where this would alleviate traffic flow/parking problems). Also on the numerous council estates the grass verges could be made into proper parking laybys instead of people having the necessity to park on the grass as they are doing at present (an example of where this has been done to a minor degree is Lisheen Avenue). Making more of our narrower streets one way would also help with traffic flow.

  10. Raise Barnsdale Road to Allerton Bywater so it does not flood and cut the town off from the North. Improve flood defences for the Savile Road/Methley Road area.

  11. Sort out the mess that is Castleford Railway station. Generally improve public transport.
    Fix all the road surfaces and markings.
    Invest in Queens Park, including some security measures to keep people safe in there.
    Improve the attractiveness of the town centre.

  12. To open a youth service club around town centre for young people to access instead of being on the street and causing issues..

    Having a place that offers education and a safe place for young people to learn and be guided.

    There has been an increase of anti -social behaviour and a lack of support for young people.

    Increasing police wouldn’t help as much as people think, young people and petty criminals are not bothered by them, we need somewhere they can go and be able to build relationships with these people. I’m sure a lot might disagree but from a youth workers perspective and someone who works in a young offenders prison I believe this is needed

    1. Fully agree with this. More support for young people,more extra-curriculum activities and engagement.. I 2 kids and have to drive for our extra-curriculum activities to Wakefield and Leeds. There’s nothing in Airedale/Castleford for kids/teenagers, the Hutt is not used to it’s full potential too.

  13. Spend money on better policing and the town centre. The town centre would be so much more inviting to businesses and shoppers if it looked more vibrant. Trees and flowers would look good. Someone previously mentioned the top end of the town, I agree these are really old buildings which look shoddy and need to be modernised to attract more people. Castleford used to have a wonderful market and plenty of high street brands, but this is not the case. We need money spending to attract those brands and create jobs for the local people. But we also need to keep the friendliness that Castleford town centre has. Otherwise it will become just another shopping centre.

  14. More money spent on trees and greenery for public places. More picnic areas. I think opening the old railway bridge is a good idea too. If people could get to fairburn ings without the need for a car then all the better.

  15. It would make sense and also be great if the disused railway line after the bridge was also turned into a cycle path the whole way up to Allerton to connect to the already regenerated lines cycle route connecting both communities and the networks of nature reserve and cycle paths

  16. More care given to greenery. Parks to be looked after more and plant trees where possible. Eliminate abandoned scruffy buildings in the town centre. Supply more bins all around the area. Raid the shops selling illegal cigarettes. More policing in the town centre and surroundings

  17. More trees planted in public/communal spaces to help with climate change and to make areas more pleasant, for people to spend time in.

  18. I also think this is a great idea.
    I have thought for a long time how nice it would be to have a footpath/cycle path from Allerton Bywater to Whelden Rd.

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