Open up the town centre

Knock down Wellington arcade. It’s dated, dark and uninviting. Have a square with shops round the edge, a space for the market in the middle and space for the community to meet.
People are less likely to shop local as their first choice if their first impression of the town is rough pubs with people smoking outside and ugly concrete facades. We have some good shops and bars and some beautiful buildings, the potential is there.
Alternatively, get rid of car park fees. I can’t park outside my house on a weekday any more.

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17 comments on “Open up the town centre

  1. I would love to see an open space on the Wellington Arcade site as well as more roads in the centre closed to traffic and places for people to sit down, rest, chat etc. One of the best things about the street markets is that we can walk around without traffic

  2. Very good idea, Brighouse has so many independent businesses in town. It would be good if the new places were independent offering great value and sophistication. Some of the current establishments encourages loutish behaviour and alcoholism which gives Brighouse a bad reputation. Modern independents like Ventures and Crafty Fox, Millers have capitalised in the pop-up food and craft beer scene and shown to be extremely popular and safe places to drink in Brighouse. We get many visitors in the spring-autumn and like hebden Bridge you can make Brighouse a trendy destination town for families rather than pinning our efforts for critical mass to the 1940s weekend.

  3. Gain some shops that people/tourists will want to come to ie M&S food Hall, clothes shops such as Fatface, Joules etc then we don’t need to trail to Leeds.
    A bit like Ilkley, something for everyone!

  4. Agree wellington square is ugly and should be knocked down and create an area with the chance to have wine bars, cafes and boutiques in there which will increase the footfall to the town.
    Improve access into the town especially from the motorway by Lidl – this should have been improved before Lidl was built

  5. Brighouse has so much potential but there are so many empty buildings and Wellington Arcade and the market definitely need a revamp, the events that are put on throughout the year are great and well attended it’s a shame that we can’t get some of that footfall the rest of the year.

  6. We need a communal event space like suggested above, where we can have events, performances, festival type family events, foodie fairs, live music and kids activities. We need to maintain free parking and persuade banks to stay open as this has been the issue in the ghost town of Elland. I personally dont want big chains in brighouse I love the uniqueness of the independent businesses. It would be great to have an open space near the canal as this is a great feature. Do up the local parks and have a community space there with decent facilities and events. I would like an all weather sports pitch in a park so my kids can go and play sports when its wet without a mud bath. Brighouse is great, love the new bars and restaurants. The yearly events (1940s, artisan, spring and Christmas fairs) are well organised and attract visitors from all over.

  7. Definitely getting rid of Wellington Arcade, making town more attractive might bring in some more high street names to sit alongside our wonderful independent shops, in turn bringing more shoppers in rather than going to Huddersfield

  8. We agree with the comments above with regards to the Town Centre however we have no comment to make regarding parking as we have no further information!

    There are a number of Road Works around the Calderdale area that could be undertaken, unfortunately Calderdale council has no-one with sufficient brainpower within their Roads/Traffic Planning to sort out the mess that successive local governments have made of the Traffic Plans within the area!

    1. Opening brighouse as a heritage centre for education,employment, training facilitys, health programs, enterprise adventures. With a big resource center with people whom have successfully qualified in the buisness education open there shop on site to inspire others..
      I feel the youth is brighouse need inspiration to stop drugs crime and alcohol at a very young age.

  9. I think this the most fantastic idea it would certainly improve the area and make it a more inviting place to spend time. And will open up the area more for when we have our fantastic artisans weekends

  10. Yes. Some awesome places have opened like the villain and a couple more like it, we need to bring life into Brighouse after 4pm! Getting rid of old buildings or restoring them to make space for new things.

  11. Brilliant idea. Wellington arcade is an ugly site now. Be so much better and inviting if it was more communal. I’d vote for this idea and so would a few others i know

  12. Opening up the town is a great idea. The whole town centre is dated. It would be great to have a centre for outdoor markets. Something similar to what Huddersfield did outside their train station would be great

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