Open up town centre

Free parking to encourage ‘popping in’ ; reversal of pedestrian areas to allow traffic through town centre, giving more visibility of businesses and opportunities for passing trade as well as making quiet areas safer; more compulsory purchases of abandoned buildings.

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55 comments on “Open up town centre

  1. Free parking and a business rates holiday . Some shops would be good too. Shopping in independent shops is getting more and more difficult .

  2. I think more shops needed, maybe somewhere that sells home furnishings, interiors and art created buy local craft people. Craft classes available in the week and a nice coffee area. Upcycling is more popular that ever and it would compliment other shops, plus would provide work for locals and help people socialize.
    Also free parking would be nice.

  3. Agree. Free parking would encourage shoppers. The empty, abandoned properties is a disgrace. They should be taken off the owners not by compulsory purchase.

  4. So many small businesses are struggling . Free parking would encourage people to visit Rotherham town centre more frequently.

  5. Free parking is essential but change the focus, it can’t beat parkgate, make it like an ecclesial road area, classy dining and variety with good quality independent shops

  6. Rotherham town centre is such a disappointment. Although there are some good bits (the area around the church for instance) the overall feel is of dereliction and gloom. I rarely visit except to go to specific shops and find the escalation in the number of empty properties depressing. Create some community spaces, eliminate all parking charges, encourage more local businesses so that the town centre had a wider range of shops. Create an entertainment area to appeal to families. Improved access to the Parkgate shopping area is needed, if possible improving the link between the town centre and Parkgate. Improve the area near the rivers, this is an eyesore and could be a real asset if managed well.

  7. The old primark building could be used as a social/retail hub. An open plan space on the lines of th forum in Sheffield. A cafe run by the students of Rotherham college, training on the job as baristas/hospitality/catering. Independent shop units could also be staffed by students studying NVQ in retail. An art gallery showcasing local talent. Giving a community vibe to kick-start a vibrant meeting place on the High Street. Low cost but also cost effective using the skills of college students.

  8. First and foremost for this community is to stop the ongoing grooming of young girls from the Asian residents. There will be no cohesion between community’s until this is dealt with.

  9. Where to begin!
    Regenerate the town, reduce rents to entice businesses of all types back in day or night. I would happily pay a reasonable parking fee if there was something worth visiting. Boost the market back to its bloom that it was 15 years ago. Clean up the streets and derelict buildings making it inviting to outsiders. Don’t be greedy with rents and rates in the long run towns and our English heritage is dying.

  10. Demolish the ruins on Corporation street and any other eye-sores. Move existing businesses into the better buildings. Maintain the historical architecture. Encourage town living and focus on entertainment.

    1. Yes definitely demolish the burnt out building on Corp. Street – it’s been like that years! Doesn’t matter who owns it, KNOCK IT DOWN! And any derelict houses that’s not been inhabited for a long time – compulsory purchase!

  11. Convert the old Primark store on High Street into something similar to the Wool Market in Doncaster or Cutlery Works in Kelham Island. A public space with bars, food outlets and music. This should be accessible to families with c
    hildren during the day

  12. Free parking for the town centre is a must! The parking chargers really do put people off visiting the town. Invest in Rotherham college it’s self, the college encourages so many people from different places to visit Rotherham but people are going elsewhere for education because of the more modern facilities in and round the college and the town centre.

  13. Yeah free parking would be awesome, and the empty shops bring the town down, filling these somehow might just bring the town back.

  14. It’s a shame when we go on to rotherham to see it like it is.It used to be a thriving town now it’s just a ghost town we need more investment to bring it back how it used to be,we used to have a great market n it’s a shame to see most of stalls closed down reduce rates to encourage new businesses, that’s what it needs

    1. It seems we can all see the errors that have been made over the years so why can’t those in the relevant positions.

  15. The whole of Rotherham needs a huge clean up and spruce up! Our town centre, streets, green spaces, residents gardens and country lanes. A huge clean up will certainly improve our town and surrounding suburbs. And the council need to do something about the continuing decay of neglected disused properties and buildings!!

  16. Such a good idea! The imperial buildings of Rotherham are finally being filled with small local businesses (including a nice gents designer clothing shop). We have lacked these types of business but it would be nice for the government to keep helping businesses get started up in Rotherham. The more people we can draw into Rotherham town centre then the better the future of our town. Then potentially free parking would attracted more foot traffic to these the town and these businesses.

    1. I totally agree, the gents shop is terrace thread threads (very cheap too) also a ladies boutique is due to open in the same building shortly. We just tend to buy online due to the lack of businesses and lack of free parking.. I bet the people working in the town centre spend half there wages on parking!

      1. Going to have a look round Terrace Threads today. Seen a stone island Parker haha. Is it based near the green building near old Tesco?

        1. It is Ed, was speaking to a young lad there last week, really nice young and ambitious. Couldn’t do enough to help and he’s a miller so he’s good in my book UTM

  17. Encourage new business by making rent and business rates cheaper.
    Change the traffic flow so that the high street is once again accessible to cars even if its only a few parking bays for disabled. This will bring pop in shoppers to the smaller shops and cafes. Keep the post office alive. It’s currently under franchise and if it goes, a life line of the community goes. Introduce free parking. Clear out all the undesirable people with asbo style orders. Give the markets a facelift and promote them properly like they do in Doncaster. Introduce a day time music venue and food hall maybe? Look at Doncaster’s Wool Market success. There is plenty to be done but it seems no one in a position to help cares. Look at putting a gym and cinema in the town centre to encourage younger people into the town. Put Rotherham back in the hearts of its residents. People don’t go to the town because it’s intimidating and there isn’t much there that makes the parking fee and the walk in really worth it! Save our town.

    1. 100% agree! Get lower rent/free parking for business owners that have shops/units in the town centre. Then once the businesses are in place, have free parking (works for Meadowhall) and the town would be alive again! Saw a post on the imperial buildings on here and can you remember the big glass open market behind it? It’s still there, why not get ice cream/smoothly shops in there and open it all up this spring/summer

    2. Totally agree. Not sure about getting rid of pedestrian areas. They need to be made in to pleasant destinations where you can hang out for a coffee surrounded by the Shops.

      Also food area, cinema etc are a must to attract people into town.

  18. Free parking, along with sorting out the drunks & homeless people & the beggars as well, bring back Rotherham like it use to be, sort out the disused buildings as well.

  19. There is free parking on a weekend now, what is needed is a rethink of the town centre. Lower rates, sort the begging and drunks issues out. Do something with all the derelict buildings.

  20. Such a good idea – parking is a nightmare and people don’t want to walk around due to how rough it looks
    Hopefully having more independent businesses and nicer looking buildings will encourage better foot traffic and get rid of Rotherham’s stereotype

  21. Something definitely needs to be done to improve the footfall coming into town! Free parking would be the way forward! As it’s so difficult for young families to access town when parking is so restricted! It’s really sad to see our town looking so deserted and shops closing down! What chance do small businesses have with this current climate!

  22. Online shopping is making “high street” shopping close to obsolete. Throw into the mix Meadowhall and Retail World at Parkgate and it’s hard to see how Rotherham town centre has a future. The town centre is far bigger than equivalent town centres in towns of equal size, this makes it a large lumbering beast to control and maintain. I doubt reversing the work of pedestrianisation will help bring back the nostalgic feeling Rotherham town centre had.

  23. Opening up of pedestrian areas is a terrible idea. Businesses require footfall not an increase in cars.

  24. Free parking, and council to buy back more of the empty town centre shop premises so they can rent them to businesses at affordable rates. This would encourage more independent shops for the town centre that can’t afford private rental prices.

  25. Definitely free parking would be a bonus and I think its a good idea to open the town centre to traffic as it will allow visibility of the shops on offer.

  26. Free parking is a great idea, as would rate free trading for small businesses to attract people to take a chance and invest in one of the empty shops

  27. lower rents for business to get shops to move back to rotherham town centre and make it popular again…same with parkgate shopping park

  28. The lack of shops in the town centre is embarrassing. It is good that some good quality cafes have opened recently, but they need shops to bring the customers in. The retailers are still closing, when some enticement such as low business rates could perhaps persuade them to stay and encourage new ones to open. Parking should be free when there is so little to tempt you to visit!

  29. Encourage established, quality shops in town centre. Get rid of all the cheap shops council need a big kick up the backside, letting Rotherham people down with an abbismal town not to be proud of is scandalous.

  30. Open up free parking at weekends to allow people to come to rotherham and also stop closing up shops make rotherham town centre the town it used to be with more variety of shops and have a good market again, make rotherham something to be proud of.

  31. More opportunities for buisness in Rotherham town centre including reduced rates. Rent reduction free parking and an general spruce up is desperately needed

  32. Think this is an excellent suggestion, I would defiantly use it more if I could park closer than what seems a 3 mile walk

  33. Spend all £25 million providing care & services for the elderly. The generations who fought for our freedom, paid tax all their lives & are not properly cared for when they most need it.

  34. Demolish all old housing stock on wellgate and west gate. Replace with apartments, restaurants cafeterias etc. Knock down corporation street open up views of minster create public open space and enhance forge island development

    1. You have to be careful knocking down Corp. Street and making it an open space, it acts as a wind/weather break from the moors beyond Sheffield.

  35. Offer better business rates for new independent businesses and support them.
    Stop opening up the same shops in the centre, there are far too many charity shops and discount stores. You need bigger names stores! Improve the market and offer something to bring people in! A food hall, food market, a craft centre where you can do courses, individual classes etc.

  36. Strongly Agree. Parking charges are ruining town centres. Stop being greedy RMBC and make it free to support the remaining businesses.

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