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Primark of recent years was the only pull from any other trading unit nearby. The town centre has no shops in its town centre to encourage other clientelle that WOULD then be encouraged to visit the local owners businesses also. Marks and Spencer, new look, etc, high quality,well known, branded retail, will encourage a footfall into the town that would most certainly improve the trade for other businesses. You cant leave 1 small new look in the bus station, and expect people to visit for that 1 shop. Its needs a good shopping experience! The local owned shops,cafes and bars are excellent, and are sadly missed by a large number of potential customers, because of a generic mentality that rotherham is a messy unsafe place to be, well go to parkgate/meadowhall instead. We need some pride and excellent advertising putting into the town centre!

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  1. The obvious reason why ‘Out-of-town’ shopping is so popular is because there is plenty of free car parking. If this were available in Rotherham it would quite likely bring in a lot more shoppers to spend their money and so create prosperity for the town as a whole, including the council. Lowering business rates would help as well.

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