Outram Street

My opinion is that Outram Street is the key to it all. To make it accessible to the public parking would assist, the land at the end of Park Street could be purchased to open up an additional section of parking. It’s unlikely that high street brands would invest at this present moment in time so niche markets would be ideal currently successful businesses on their seem to be Micro pubs If you build on this by adding nice restaurants or speciality restaurant such as a gluten free you will start to build footfall which in turn will then attract further businesses opening. In addition more high end clothes stores in the Idlewells would attract more visitors. There is also potential for office space for small businesses which again will attract footfall to the area. The more people you can get spending money on Outram Street the more businesses will invest into it. Another potential would be turning one of the larger ships into a community market place selling local produce.

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