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2 comments on “Over-development

  1. Boscombe Precinct is desolate and depressing. The entrance to the Royal Arcade is filthy, the Post Office window frame is rotting, pigeon droppings everywhere. If I worked in that post office or had a shop in the Arcade or precinct I’d be out there with a bucket and mop cleaning it up. Cigarette ends are everywhere, cigarette/refuse bins are disgusting, dropped coffee cartons everywhere take-aways discarded on the ground, chewing gum, Silver Birch trees uprooted. The only decent place to eat is up the East end of the precinct at Bosconova where you can sit under the last remaining tree. Why are there no trees in the precinct? Look at any square in France and you’ll see Avenues of trees. It’s a relief to get back to Pokesdown, it’s clean the coffee shops are excellent, we have a post office manned by pleasant helpful staff an award winning bakery, and we have 2 well maintained greens. That’s because we have a community that cares. Boscombe has lost its community and it shows.

  2. Too many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres crammed into one area around Walpole and Carysfort Road. Too many houses converted into small flats WITH NO PARKING. Nothing is about to collapse at all, except the council has been short on financial input for the area for decades – Our side streets are rarely cleaned – Street maintenance is poor and we NEVER see police or Traffic Controls on the side streets while cars are all over yellow lines and parked on the pavement.
    The High Street is a joke of cars parked anywhere and no Traffic Wardens and just excuses from the council when we complain.

    You wonder why Boscombe has a reputation, when the council does VERY LITTLE to help remedy the situation. What was the point of The Tardis when there is no one ever around to monitor it and it was even vandalised – Do you get what a joke to the public that is – a police box covered in cameras, is vandalised…

    BUT: Top marks to the council during this Corona Virus. It appears you have been doing excellent work and thanks. It cannot have been easy. Well done.

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