Over reliance on cars

Overall there should be fewer excuses to use cars. Noise and air pollution is a great concern for most. Improvements in bus services, i.e. more routes to help get commuters in to work, will reduce the number of cars on the road. With growing coronavirus concerns an compromise may need to be made for time being. If cars continue to be the main form of transport then alot must be done to help deter them from places like Lansdowne and Holdenhurst Road. Areas, such as these, have an unnecessary amount of roundabouts and traffic lights; all of which create congestion and massively slow traffic down. Perhaps there needs to be a more direct route(s) dedicated to car commuters. Areas such as the town centre could see greater pedestrianisation. Alternatively, infrastructure required for home working could too be introduced; this may be in the form of fibre-optics etc. More empty roads will then allow for a hassle free summer where many come to use our beaches.

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