Overnight parking for Motorhomes

The east coast resorts and its beaches are popular with motorhome owning visitors but sadly overnight parking for short stays is sadly lacking. I know there are campsites but I do not need or want to use all their facilities. I like to tour, staying one night or two, visiting towns, villages and sites. I don’t need shower blocks or toilets as my van is self-contained but I like to visit the local shops, restaurants and attractions – spending thus helping the local community. Please take a look at the strategy document on the web site of CamPra who is campaigning for “UK Aires” for motorhome owners. This can be found at of https://campra.org.uk/resources/# and consider establishing overnight short stay facilities for motorhomes.

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8 comments on “Overnight parking for Motorhomes

  1. We travel all year in our Motorcaravan and would love to spend some time and money in your area. Please try to accommodate us and allow us to park within the city and sleep overnight for a fee and a maximum time limit of between 24 and 72 hours Possibly down by Tesco the railway station and coach park area which already allows for motorcaravan parking

  2. We stayed in Skegness a, couple of years ago & overnighter in a pub car park which was very nice but didn’t have waste disposal facilities, so we had to go home after 3 nights. We did spend money at the pub & in the village nearby & I took a bus into Skegness but we’d have stayed longer if you’d provided us with proper service facilities. We won’t stay on campsites as we’ve spent enough money buying our self contained motorhome & so don’t want to be trapped in one place or subsidising the provision of toilets, shower blocks, hook ups or clubhouses. We have on board toilet, shower & solar electricity supply so only need a hardstanding & waste disposal point.

  3. We’ve found that there aren’t nearly enough places to park our motorhome in towns in the area, and with campsites choc a block with caravanners and tent campers all summer, demanding 3 night minimum stays and advance booking, we haven’t found them suitable at all. Other places have to be found, especially in 2021 when all those in SORN this year return to the roads.
    We’re aching to get out in our van again exploring and most campsites are closed now, so if you can open up your car parks to us we can come along and have a good night out on the town. Think ahead; provision must be supplied or there will be chaos.

  4. The UK has for years been missing out on this lucrative motorhome tourist market, which is increasing rapidly. In Europe it is a valued earner of hundreds of millions of Euros for the local economies, France alone has more than 6000 Aires in villages, towns and cities. Most of these Aires are free to use as the French know this attracts tourist to areas where they may never visit and the motorhome tourists spend their money in the local communities.

    Through the local media, I am sure you are aware that ‘Staycation’ caused by Covid, has highlighted the desperate need for more parking spaces.
    The presence of a parked motorhome has proven to increase income and security including reducing fly tipping as appreciated by Northumbrian Water. Churches also who have opened up their carparks to motorhomes have reaped the same benefits as well as assisting their funding by making a small charge.

    By establishing an Aire, you would not be competing with campsites as we are a completely different market, tending to travel on each day to pastures new. Motorhomers also tend to be on the elderly side, I am 75 my partner is 65, and we are the lucky generation who have spare cash to spend. For example it’s not uncommon for motorhomers to spend £50 to £100 a day in the local community (a recent survey showed average spending was £47 per day excluding retail spending). It’s impossible to spend this if we are locked up in a campsite. I stress we do not ‘camp’ we merely park, camping behaviour is not allowed on an Aire. Campsites are for tents and caravan owners, who have their own car to transport them back to the campsite at night. Most campsites are fully booked in advance and have little or no spare capacity adding to the overnight parking problem.
    An Aire can simply be a level piece of ground preferably near a town or village amenities. It does not require excessive funding.
    Can Skegness afford to miss out on this simple opportunity to earn extra income?

  5. This would be a fantastic idea. The French have these and I would love to visit your town more regular and spend my money to support local businesses.
    I think by developing dedicated overnight stay areas or using current assets differently would boost the local tourism trade, all year and not just in summer.

  6. Make us welcome. We travel all over this country watching and writing about pantomimes usually over Christmas. It is a real challenge to park and find places to stay overnight, I contact councils in the towns or cities we are visiting and they have been most helpful.
    We have now joined CAMpRA (Campaign for Real Aires UK)
    Please could you advise us of parking for Motorhomes in your town and if possible overnight stops. There is a fantastic Aire at the Canterbury park and ride and we would like more in other towns. We are self contained with washing, cooking and toilet facilities and unlike campers with tents and caravans like to get out and go throughout the year, particularly in the winter when places are quiet to visit places and perhaps stay a couple of nights before moving on. Shops, theatres and restaurants would benefit as most motorhome owners are retired folk like us, who like shopping, visiting the theatre and eating out.We need to be able to get to the town centre by public transport.

  7. We would love to visit and stay in Skegness if there was overnight parking for our self contained motorcaravan. Like many of the UK 357,000 plus motorcaravan owners we bought ours to tour, we do not want or need an out of town campsite we want to shop and eat locally, have drink and stay the night.
    Recent survey indicates the 82% tour all year round and spend on average £47 in local shops, restaurants and attractions.
    Part of This £850 million per year could be supporting your local community simply by allowing us to park.

  8. Why don’t we make motorhome visitors welcome by providing designated overnight parking for them. Why not work with other towns to establish a Lincolnshire Coast Touring Route. Many motorhomers are retired and travel all year, they have the grey pound in their pocket which they can spend in our pubs, restaurants shops and attractions. They need to be within easy walking distance of town to visit shops, pubs and restaurants. They have fully self contained vehicles with their own toilets, washing and cooking facilities inbuilt. They neither want nor need all the facilities of out of town campsites, all they need is a tap and drain every few days. The investment is tiny compared with other tourism sectors. If they can’t stay they take their money elsewhere. Increasingly to Europe where there are now 2 million of them, where they are an enormous part of the tourism economy, and they are welcome and facilities are provided. Germany earns a fortune from its tourist routes.

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