Paint it

I think the look of the town could be vastly improved by painting all the fronts of the buildings

USE VOLUNTEERS in wharf side carpark to tell people about the town and what is going on..Dorchester bid did this to great effect..paintingT

CREATE A FUN TRAIL for visitors to follow..key historic buildings.. create plaques for the buildings saying what they are and why they are in trail interesting could maybe collect rubber stamps

Replace the sea defenses top part by railway station..ths top of wall with something transparent so that the mount can be seen from the station

Bring all of the markets together under one roof..employ s market developer to bring new stalls into the market..have artists crafts people and musicians perform or demonstrate at the market

Flags and art the way..they make it beautiful

Offer regular prizes to get the shopkeepers to do great window displays

Create a small handbook listing all shops etc..vouchers

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