Look around you, where is the vibrancy of whole swaths of area given a real good coat of paint?? From the roofline. the window surrounds the doors the fences the walls the posts the benches. look around so so much neglect when it comes to paint?? Why. Its a good weather protector and makes things last, i cant remember the last time i saw a town bieng painted, it was a part of civic pride to paint, and common sense. Councils can push that town centers are painted to up keep qaulity and pride among us. Look at where there was paint? Is it still there? Metal, wood, stone, look and see. The workforce on scaffold in white overalls with big brushes and paint rollers have gone?? Lost in time, regenenerate the respectability of commercial painting to buildings and civic areas. PAINT TO REGENERATE.

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  1. I agree. Colourful streets attract visitors – think about streets in charming Notting Hill, Bristol and Ireland. I think the Landtrain should be re-routed down Cecil Rd turning into Windsor Rd where beautifully re-painted colourful side streets attracting visitors and infiltrating quiet corners where drug dealing occurs and much needed face lifts for properties that landlords are leaving to rot. There is already some street art around Boscombe and I think there is scope for so much more.

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