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Let’s really look hard at providing an all electric park and ride bus scheme and linking it up to new and existing cycle routes around the city, to help deal with some of the issues others have highlighted, including congestion, pollution and commuting times. Instead of building a new bridge, let’s investigate pedestrianising large proportions of the city centre and building free car parks, located between St Johns and St. Peter’s to the south and Blackpole to the North to allow people to travel to their places of work and Play without ever having to enter the pedestrianised zone.
The buses would need to be frequent and discounted for locals, as well as looping the entire city centre to make them viable for commuting. Buses are of immediate benefit, while bike routes could be phase 2.
This kind of initiative will future proof the city and protect people’s health as well as promoting new ways of thinking which could become a blueprint for future ‘Green’ cities across the country!

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6 comments on “Park and Ride

  1. I entirely agree, Park and Ride was going to be my suggestion. It’s daft that the existing P&R only goes into the city centre. And there needs to be a sensible N-S cycle route through the city centre.

  2. I entirely agree. If city centre car parking costs less than bus fares, this only increases the volume of car usage in the city. Park and ride facilities in the suburbs and low bus fares will get rid of the congestion problem in the city centre by making it cheaper to park outside the city centre and travel to work by bus.

  3. Completely agree. I note comments within the forum on cheaper city centre parking, yet poor road infrastructure/ not enough capacity. Rather than invest millions on road widening schemes and adding more car parking spaces, why not create park and rides.

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