Park-and-ride Scheme at weekend

Use the car park spaces from the businesses (business park) not in use at the weekends and use them as park-and-ride or park-and-cycle pickup points.
Combine that with a environmentally friendly tour signs around the paths linking them to an online photo-scape history of the paths – helpful for nature, environmental records and monitoring while linking to local environmental and community groups (refreshments & info. Packs on the route),

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1 comment on “Park-and-ride Scheme at weekend

  1. Permanent park and ride and park and cycle sites are needed. There’s some experience from other cities which suggests several smaller car parks along a main bus and congested traffic route into the City may be as, if not more effective than a large park and ride on the edge of the City.

    Using underutilised space at business locations at the weekend merits consideration, but so too does using underused retail and pub car parking space mid week.

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