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The park and ride needs to be open all year round, even if October to March is at a reduced service. It should be available for long stay parking so visitors staying for the week/end can drop off their belongings at place of stay then park at park ride for the duration of stay. Therefore leaving valuable space within the town for residents who struggle to park during busy periods. A cctv system for security could be set up allowing access to the car park 24hrs. Along with double yellow lines to restrict double parking on the right hand side of green lane going upwards. Without sufficient parking the town is suffering during busy periods.

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5 comments on “Park and ride

  1. I think this idea and the other about opening a park and ride on the Scarborough road are both excellent suggestions.

  2. I agree with longer-term parking. At the moment you have to remove your vehicle before the evening, meaning the P&R is only suitable for day visitors. There needs to be provision for people arriving by car to park up and leave their car in the P&R for several days; long weekend Fri to Mon, or for a full week weekend-to-weekend (or any other period).

  3. I agree with keeping the park and ride open all year round, it would free up parking for residents which is a nightmare at times. Also what a good idea, you could have a dedicated area for people who are staying overnight, it would give peace of mind to tourists and residents alike

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