Park improvements

Morley has a lot of parks nestled between housing as well as couple of “main” parks such as Dartmouth and Scatcherd. Nice as these are they aren’t the kind of places that make someone from outside of the area want to visit and boost trade in the town.

I propose investing a small amount of money on much needed improvements to the satellite parks for the community but then making a much larger investment in Scatcherd park. Remove the existing playground and install a large wooden adventure playground with an area for toddlers and a trim trail (see for inspiration) as well as a wildlife pond where people can feed ducks etc, something sorely missing from this town.

At the present time there is a huge underutilised area of grass behind and next to the Sport Centre.

This should all be backed up by a CCTV system and guarantees that the historic areas of the current park are retained.

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