Park on welfare

An all ages park on the old bowling green behind goldthorpe doctors that has play equipment for all ages especially toddlers that is secure and will be opened from a certain time and closed at a certain time to avoid damage and vandalism as the closest parks are barnburgh Lane and top of goldthorpe on Ben baileys too far for some people. Improve the car park for the playhouse behind the doctors and also make a through road from the doctors to Washington Road at both sides of the playhouse. Also agree with others that there should be a retail park on the old school site next to asda and also behind the asda is wasteland that can be used. There is some wasteland across from dearne ALC that has horses on that could be used for retail aswell and also some land at the side of that where the old pub used to be which is wasted. Bustops need to be improved aswell no seating at most of them for the elderly. lesuire centre needs new swimming facilities it’s getting grotty – new gym but not pool?

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