Please can we get more parking up the city, instead of removing it all to build more offices??
When I tell people from other areas that I pay £50 a month for parking it shocks, and the fact I pay this and I have to park a 5-10 minute walk away and I have to come in an extra 20 minutes early to work just to get guaranteed a space, is nothing short of a disgrace. If I don’t come in early I have to pay £20 on top of what I already pay to park in the premium bay for the day.
The convience of roundabouts and parking used to be such an attraction to working and living in Milton Keynes, and over the years we have watched this be destroyed by greed leading to new buildings being built over the parking.
In two years time, the lot outside my work (that fills fully at 8:15) will be gone for yet another building, god help us all. Our office manager is thankfully considering relocating to somewhere with parking outside of Milton Keynes – the concern is many other companies will follow suit

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