The residents of Salisbury Road/Carnarvon Road submitted a petition as per BCP’s requirements online to request Residents Only Parking a year ago. Nothing has been done with this by the council yet there seems to be time to undertake other projects. Parking in this area for residents is appalling, as it is both sides of the pedestrianised section because shoppers and business owners refuse to use the existing Soverieign centre or Hawkwood Road car parks. It highlights the bigger picture in this area. The fact that this scheme has been ignored for Boscombe, with no contact from the council whatsover seems to show they have little interest in helping people in this area, unless there is some kind of grant involved. Residents parking schemes have been implemented elsewhere without issue and they raise a small amount of income for the council plus the increased use in the car parks. Residents parking in the central areas of Boscombe should surely be a priority for improving trafficflow

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