Parking facilities

I live on the queens lea estate wv124ja. Due to lack of parking , residents park on the grass verge in front of my property. Also on the edges of the grass green , where children play . We live 11 queens lea and have a drive , however theres 2 properties which have no parking. It would not take a lot to tarmac the small area to make 3/ 4 parking spaces . The area especially in winter/ spring is like a mud bath. This not only makes it look an eye sore, but also in my opinion makes it look terrible. The parking would help the residents and in turn the green would be kept in a better condition, which would be more appealing for kids to play . Also other impacts are health aspects from cats using the area etc . As a tax payer and someone who is proud to live in the area. This small investment will go a long way for a large number of residents a like.

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