Parking Fees

Free parking on all car parks, or an out of town car park with free bus service to get you in to town.
This would bring people back to the town centre, where they would start to spend their money.
The shops would then generate a profit, creating jobs for shop workers, which would then generate interest from companies wishing to set up a business in the town centre.
You have to speculate to accumulate.
When business sees a town centre run down, with no customers, they won’t come and invest in the town.
It’s up to the council to encourage business, not discourage, as they have done over the years.
The council cannot and should not, keep heaping the blame on the Government.
It is up to the council to work for the town.
No one likes to hear about a “poor me” attitude, you have to have some get up and go, to encourage business to do the same!

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