The main reason we don’t go to town these days is the parking charges. Subsidise the charges to £1 for 4 hours and £2 all day, street parking and car parks, and the towns will be full to bursting.

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  1. Spend 500k-750k on a nationally renowned concrete skate park . This will bring tourism and competion to the bay as well as providing local youngsters with an Olympic training ground

  2. We have lost so many good shops to Exeter, most recently H & M; rent prices need decreasing so that these businesses can still operate & make a profit. There’s plenty of empty buildings that could do with renovating for people already living here; the problem is councils get paid to let expensive places built nowhere can afford to live or that people from other counties get priority to move into (see Newton Abbot as case in point). Stop building on greenery & renovate. Also do something about jobs: Torquay has one of the lowest employment rates in the country (there’s no wonder there’s so many homeless people).

  3. This won’t encourage locals in to town as there are big superstores on the ring road, this will only benefit the summer time Custer’s to fill up space’s we are lacking in town. This seas out of season parking could be lower.

  4. The inner harbour needs a complete restoration and modernisation for the thousands of locals and visitors that come every year. It’s the heart of the town and unless it’s somewhere people want to spend time then any other efforts to revitalise the town centre will fail.
    Get rid of the tacky lights around the harbour and eyesore white poles, turn the waterside taxi rank on Victoria parade into a seating area where the disabled and families can access the harbour, resurface the harbour side walkways so its nice to look at and not a danger to navigate.
    With the new hotels and summer season coming Torquay council has a real opportunity this year.

    1. This is a very good and reasonable suggestion. I live in torquay and the town is rubbish so i go shopping in Exeter because there is a greater diversity and more independent local shops which are supported by the council. We went to Bournemouth recently and realised how little money is invested into torquay for the people.

  5. I do not agree the cost of parking is an issue. I will pay for parking if the offer is there. I regularly shop in Exeter which is far more expensive and pay for the parking which is a lot higher than Torquay

  6. As well as the town needing an absolute inject of money, shops closing, homelessness on the rise (bring buildings up to code, and kit them out for them to live in) rather than spending £0000’s on hotels as a temporary solution. Stop spending money in other areas of the country, like £11million on a cinema in Somerset. Repair the roads that have huge pot holes in.
    Host more events in the town to increase tourism trade.
    Deal with the drug users in town, who leave needles lying around.
    Professional begging needs to stop.
    That’s just a few off the top of my head!

    1. You realise it’s not the council spending thousands building the hotels right ?
      And investing in other counties is all they’re allowed to do. Other counties are investing in devon. It brings money in for regeneration.

  7. Tackle antisocial behaviour in town centre. Open drug use, drug dealing, shoplifting, rough sleeping all put people off going near the town centre.
    Parking charges are extortionate and also discourage footfall.
    Relax planning to allow development. The pavilion has been closed for some time now with no prospect of rejuvenation. Allow replication of the development on the old Palm Court site across the bay.
    Do more to encourage families to holiday in the bay. We have attractions but the entrance fees are sky high. More free things for families to enjoy. This would reduce reliance on coach party holiday makers whom probably spend little outside of the hotel were they stay.
    More events and festivals to draw people in. Dartmouth and Brixham both have several annual events for both locals and tourists.

    1. I agree, lower the council rates so bigger shopping brands can come into the town centre and fill the empty shops!

  8. Defiantly need a play area on the seafront ,bring in family’s with children enjoy our beautiful seafront and stay longer.Children get bored if nothing for them to do and parents leave and go somewhere else, also healthy for children to be outside.clean up our town ,paint and refurbish the shabby areas ,empty the waste bins more often to stop overflow of rubbish.make empty shop landlords keep their premises clean and presentable while waiting for a tenant ,the empty shops really drag the whole town down by looking so scruffy.keeping the town clean and litter free by more frequent street cleaning.perhaps a children’s play area going down through the pedestrianised area of town centre.keep fit equipment along sea front like they have abroad creates a lot of fun and interest .Our lovely town deserves to be loved and cared for.

    1. I really think we need something like a play park and a little water park (like the one in Decoy park) on the sea front somewhere, it would likely bring more tourists. And cheaper parking in the town might encourage more people to go down.
      And agree totally with the ideas above that Angie has said, this is exactly what this town needs

  9. I love living in the Bay, it definitely needs a huge shot in the arm, hopefully this investment will go some way to improving things for the locals, businesses and tourists. Make Torquay great again!!!!

  10. Reduce parking costs, and stop charges between 1800-0800
    Invest in hospitality training programs to encourage more young people to chose it as a career

  11. Improve cycle routes, Torbay is the only part of Devon that has no Sustrans routes at all. If we had a wide cycle route that could also be used by walkers, wheel chairs and the land train, it could join up Brixham, Paignton and Torquay making a safe traffic free roadway that can be used all year around by everyone. Sustrans fund match and it would be a major draw to the area.

    Our shopping centers are not impressive enough to attract holiday shoppers. One of the most favoured past times for out of season travelers is shopping. Improve the shopping by lowering business rates and relaxing planning so that small shops will be encouraged to open up and some small one’s can be converted to larger shops for larger stores.

  12. In Salisbury after the chemical attack the council allowed free parking from mid day until 8AM. Business picked and people came back to Salisbury instead of shopping elsewhere. Nick Pentney has contacts in wiltshire and should check it out for himself. I have mentioned this to him before so I know he is aware of it.

  13. Help for the homelessness in Torquay is essential as without improving the people you can’t improve the place. There is a major drug problem creating a massive class divide and so improvements to the town would be a great way to draw people together. The selection of shops is becoming very bare

  14. I agree with previous comments that parking costs are too high and there are not enough shops to draw you into town now. The high street needs redeveloping and maybe more restaurants up near where the cinema will be to make that an entertainment area (and sort the antisocial behaviour up that end). Then condense the shopping area to the lower part of town.

    Would be great to see some sort of children’s play area similar to Teignmouth and Paignton. There’s that big space where the balloon used to be that’s pretty much empty- that would make a good spot for a play space.

    1. Spot on . We currently drive from Torquay to Paignton or Teignmouth, spending money in those towns rather than our own, purely for the play park. The revenue generated by the geo park I would suspect is quite significant as it is always busy there now- which wasn’t the case before it was built. Totally agree about the site you mentioned too.

  15. Create dedicated cycle paths in and around torquay.and places to park the cycles. Make it safer for cyclist and avoid any more car /van versus cyclists. Equally get more people cycling healthier and enjoying life and reduce carbon foitprint at the same time, easing congestion and less traffic on roads making it safer all around.

  16. – Encourage new start up businesses to come to Torquay through reduced tax rates;
    – improve the coast paths and other nature trails;
    – tackle drug use and homelessness which appears to be a big problem in the area;
    – continue to invest in the parks and beaches;

    1. I have always maintained that the pavilion should be restored and used for the youngsters to display their talents, painting. Poetry even youth music groups from our area. There are alot of talented youngster’s around but nowhere for them to show us what they can do. Give them a chance I say!

  17. Business rates, unrealistic rent of commercial premises, an ageing population and Brexit are killing this town’s economy. Foreign students have halved, and the high street is dying submersed by online retail. Beyond the palm trees there is a lot of deprivation.
    Some suggestions:
    – change multiplier for Business rates, cap commercial leases (it doesn’t help anybody to have 1/3 of commercial premises empty) giving some actual rights to tenants
    – move an university branch/ further education specialised school to the area: flux of younger population (with student accommodations) will help to move the economy diversifying the type of business and job offers in the area
    – halt the conversion of commercial premises into residential at planning level
    – subside free public transport for people in full time education: it cost a family up to £.600 per child to pay for transport.
    – invest in arts, culture and food festivals in summer and winter
    – move some public offices and call centres into the area

    And most importantly, people won’t spend in the high street if they don’t have enough to live on. But this is something that Westminster should look at…

  18. Although parking is a contributing factor to people coming into town, one of the primary reasons is the rise in homeless, anti-social behaviour and drug use unfortunately. Even if parking was free and shopping areas were excellent, people simply don’t want to be in an environment with such anti-social behaviour and drug use.

    1. I agree with the above comments, but nobody seems interested in dealing with the anti social behaviour or the drug taking least of all the police.

  19. Spend on the beaches, they’re the main reason tourists visit, and god knows our local businesses need tourists now more than ever. Half of them have collapsing pathways, litter as far as the eye can see & no toilets.

    Improve policing & security; working in retail I have witnessed thefts & shoplifting increase month by month over the last couple of years, break-ins are a constant worry & people don’t feel safe anymore. Particularly in popular tourist areas like the town centre, Wellswood, Babbacombe etc.

    Encourage health by building gym style parks throughout the area, with affixed metal exercise Equiptment like many other countries in Europe have done. As well as including disability-friendly & sensory Equiptment.

    Rejuvenate the town centre, reducing business rates for local businesses, to create jobs, boost tourism & improve the local economy.

  20. There are good bus routes around the Bay- but no one wants to go into Torquay centre as there is nothing there. The shops need clearing- the high street is dying so new shops won’t help. Put in new restaurants (Visto lounge and others have been a huge success and are always busy) Also, invest in beaches, parks/ open spaces as they are the main reason people visit.

  21. Town center should be renovated and parking fee should decreased. Beautiful seaside city became ghost town cos of high business tax and parking, also so many useless unused horrible buildings should demolished or renovated.

  22. The pavilion could be entertainment venue ice skating, roller rink, good old fashioned entertainment for all the family I think that’s what Torquay is missing

  23. Agreed parking and rates for business are high !! Plus needs more indoor things to attract families and things to do !! The Pavilion would be a great space for family activities and cultural/Arts etc

  24. There are no public recycling bins in the bay. Streets on the edge of town are strewn with litter every bin day.
    Public recycling bins will help the environment by ensuring recyclable waste does not end up in land fill. It will create extra jobs as they will need emptying and taking to the recycling depot
    Street cleaning will ensure a lot of litter blown around on bin day does not end up in our hedgerows and oceans. Streets used to be cleaned after bin collections years ago. These jobs were taken away. It’s time they were reinstated
    Dedicated conservation areas are needed. More and more of our green spaces, including green belt land are being used for building. This affects not only the wildlife, but the air we breathe and our climate. Conservation requires conservation officers/experts, therefore creating more jobs. The planet has reached crisis point. We have to stop destroying it

    1. I totally agree public recycling bins would be a great idea! The litter problem in the bay has increased in recent parlay due to recycling bins overflowing and being picked up by TOR2 operatives. The streets look so shabby which encourages people to add to it.

  25. There are many many resources available to help people who do not have the bare essentials. I would like to be part of a plan to coordinate effectively from one place and ensure that those resources get to the right people – I am one of those resources but to effectively signpost ensuring individual resources aren’t flooded – everyone knows who to go to – if we unite we can still individually provide but do it effectively. By doing this individual resources would not be exhausted and the everyday people will get the help they need – in time we will see a huge difference in our community by working together. Too much to write here… but I’ve been thinking about this for some time. There is a plan that will work.

  26. Business rates review and cheaper parking would help. Setting up the lower pedestrianised part of Union Street as a street market 2 days as week like neighbouring town Newton abbot would help drive footfall. Council employed town centre security linked in to the CV V office to help control the drug users and shop lifters would improve the experience. (Newton abbot had this too)

  27. Parking reduced!! Cost £1.50 for 10-15 mins in the winter gardens!Help with shopping leases too expensive! No more coffee chains!!

    Improve green spaces, pavilion restored. Bring back the dog mess bins that have been taken away? All over torbay.

    Help with the homeless struggling on our streets

    come down hard on the cocaine dealers in the bay using youngsters to run their gear around.

    A skateboard park would be fantastic! A large playground on the seafront like Paignton. 😉

    Brings business look at paignton.

  28. Can you please please do something about speeding drivers in 30 mph residential roads we need speed cameras and the speeders fined then we would have more money in the bay for other things

    1. I’m saying what everyone else is saying but I’ll say it anyway:

      – Reduced parking costs. Perhaps 50p for 1 hour, £1 for 2, £1.50 for 3, £2 for 4 and £3 for more than 4 hours? You’d think you’d lose money, but the cheap(er) prices will incentivise people (and you’d lose nothing effectively since loads more people would come to town) as well as bring more footfall into businesses in town.

      – Cap landlords letting rates for businesses to a low number. Sounds crazy right? Not so much. It allows the business to thrive but still gives landlords the money they currently don’t have. If I were a landlord, I’d rather be charging less money on a business per year and have my space filled, rather than trying to charge businesses too much and then ending up with no takers and no money. It’s just an example, but it does solve your problem.

      – Community care. A rehab centre or base of operations for drug users or homeless to get help to change their lives, but also tougher policing to sanction those dealing the drugs and causing the issues.

  29. Make Torquay modern and clean, which will help advertise Torquay (and Torbay in general) as a great holiday destination. Also provide more services and attractions, create green areas and invest in local home-grown artwork and design to make Torquay beautiful. The more tourists we get, the more commercially viable Torquay becomes as a place to set up shop thus bringing in more money to the area.

  30. I think torquay needs to fill the empty shops, children’s men and woman shops, shops like b n m, home bargines ect, parking needs to be reduced

  31. Better Town Centre
    Torquay town centre has turned to shambles – it’s ugly and has barely has any shops. The rent is way too high on the buildings to the point that when a new business comes in, about a month later they have to leave due to not having the money. We could have a town centre like Exeter, but the council decide to spend money on other ridiculous things that we don’t need.
    I think it’s time to lower the rent, not by a tiny bit, but properly lower the rent. We could have shops such as Nando’s, New Look (again), Select (again), Fat Face, Superdry, Hollister, Zara, and many more. If you really want to renovate and want to make the town a better place, then pick Torquay because the only thing that is keeping the Torquay town centre going is Primark and the new cinema being built. It really is time to start listening to the locals.

    1. I agree with Kacie, as a new resident,… the shops available are limited. Of course too, there are seasonal limitations in force, but high business rates, high car parking charges tend to discourage regular visitors. A gents haircut here is twice the cost than in other areas, and drinks prices everywhere are massive (except Weatherspoons). My friends in Upton avoid the town centre at all costs, they tell me. Torquay is lovely though.

  32. Parking charges are extortionate and are putting people off going to shop in town! We don’t even have free parking on Sundays like Newton Abbot which is ridiculous, how do you expect to get people to visit the town and support local businesses if they are faced with hide parking charges!
    There is no relief for residents either, we don’t benefit from discounted parking rates and all that keeps happening is Council Tax is rising along with all the other charges locally! Such a shame for hardworking residents.

  33. A better and more visible market you wouldn’t know there was one in the town it looks desolate. Get the shops to paint their buildings they look a mess. Maybe an ice rink could be built then it would give the residents and visitors somewhere to go. It would also bring people in from outside of Torquay. Parking free after 6pm this would encourage people to visit in the evening.

  34. I assume empty shops create no income, it looks as if the council are intend on the whole of Torquay town centre being empty, currently charity/coffee/building societies are the residents of the town. There is also potential, given the desire, for housing to be created above all those empty shops, just walk down any high street and look up at the vacant space above the shops. I agree that the road layout and parking are in need of an overhaul by someone who knows what they are doing.

  35. A walk through our town centre will show anyone how badly this area needs some rethinking. High cost Parking, unaffordable business rents to all except big name coffee shops and charity shops! A return to small independent shopping would bring back the crowds. I also notice a large amount of rubbish on our main road into the town- Hamlin Way etc does not make a good first impression- a big clean up is required

  36. Agree with redeveloping dead town centre for multiple use, agree with changing business rates to encourage business to stay, especially independent traders, agree that parking discourages visitors, also think we need more social housing to enable lower paid to affird to live here, and save Housing benefit going into private hands. Need to spend money on Oldway, free entertainment for children, ie a geopark on abbey green, and rejoin devon instead of being unitary authority. Also ban school academy chains, privatisation by the back door money going in executive heads pockets.

  37. Have reduced business rates for small businesses and grants available to promote local independent retailers. Encourage artists spaces and unit development within larger already closed buildings I provide focus and opportunity to unemployed people locally. Become a centre for arts. Provide subsidised central parking for local residents.

  38. At least give local people discount on parking so they access there own community.. I’m not just talking parking permits.

  39. reduce car parking charges, stop/reduce the number of parking meters, lower business rates, smarten up the town centres, expand Occombe Farm as a quality wildlife reserve (tourist destination)

  40. Parking…. Reduced rate during the winter months and higher during the summer, like it use to be and free parking in a Sunday, like Teignbridge do… would help the town.
    Improve around the Marina by getting all the lighting working, and all the colour lighting along the sea front working.
    The Pavilion could be put back to a skating rink so that there is something for the children in the bay to do and another thing for tourists.

  41. use the money to give locals, start up loans for independent small business, to fill some of the empty units, with a period of reduced business rates to help get them started and in profit, reduce the over priced parking fees better to have the car parks full by charging less. invest in the things that made torquay so pretty hanging baskets, full flower beds and clean paths, a couple of extra security/police offices who’s job would be to patrol the town centre, removing beggars/spice heads this in its self puts people off, ban them from the town if needed, and finally introduce a sort of code of conduct for how stores should appear on the street front ie, professional signs, clean window and fresh paint, so that there is continuity with in the town. and finally the council should buy some of the larger units back of private company’s and entice larger brands on by offering reduced rents so that people stay in torquay, exeter doesn’t survive because of the uni, it survives because it’s a nice place to shop with lots of choice!

  42. More needs to be done to support local shops in the town centre. Business rates are definitely too high, especially when you consider that the town is dying. More needs to be done to entice people in, other facilities, cheaper parking, lower rates. The whole area needs rejuvenation. Make it an area that people want to come to.

  43. Torquay has huge potential and with the right ideas would completely turn around. If we pushed all shopping into the Fleet Street area, it would allow the top of town and surrounding roads to be completely redeveloped, freeing up valuable land within walking distance of Torquay Marina. Ring fence: the whole of Union Street; Abbey Road; Tor Hill Road; Market Street; Pimlico; Temperance Street through to Alberts Steps. This would give a developer free-range to redesign the road layouts; combine residential with amenities (supermarket, new bus depot etc, cinema etc); create green spaces; and improve the property potential in the surrounding areas. The land is there, and only a few buildings of merit would need to be preserved, as the vast majority are 1950s and onwards. The lack of uniformity and staggered road layout makes it an unattractive visit. This plan would create hundreds of potential homes in the centre of Torquay, without having to build on green belt land.

    1. Fleet walk for shopping,
      Union street for the community maybe arts and crafts for kids,open the pavilion again for roller skating or iceskating.

      Dancing for elders with people to talk too,
      We have coffee shops and bars for everyone else
      And cheaper parking for locals

    2. Improved parks for local children rather than catering for tourists. The sea front has a bowling green and golf course but not one park for children? Redevelop some of the wasted green space and have a sea front like Teignmouth. Skate park, huge play park with water fountains you could even have an outdoor climbing wall.

      Reduce the parking charges around the seafront encourage people in not put them off.

  44. Business rates are killing the High St in Torquay. Big names such as Bon Marche are leaving. Torbay council seem to have an over estimated multiplier for business rates. The system needs overhauling with rate relief for businesses below a certain turnover and rate capping.

    1. Agree small independent businesses are crippled by business rates. If your business is leased from and within a property /business, you pay basically two rents.

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