Parks and playing fields

Warrington has unique green spaces and parks. But they need maintaining for example, better drainage and more regular maintenance. We want to get children and adults fitter so we need to ensure the parks and playing fields are not overgrown or too boggy.

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5 comments on “Parks and playing fields

  1. Cant agree more. A lit have outdated or blocked drainage. With some drainage replacement a lit of fields would become available and accessible to many more people.

    Doe green for example is buggy for large portions of the year. Apparently there is drainage but it has been blocked for a number of years.

    A fraction of the money on offer could be used to establish drainage on a large number of parks and fields across the town.

    Providing designated dog areas on a number of parks would help keep the parks clean and still allow all to use them.

    Access for all people including the elderly and disabled could be improved with little effort at a number of parks.

    1. Please think about disabled children as well to accommodate their needs and give them chance to experience play areas.

  2. I agree, our parks are severely lacking and a shadow of their former selves. Every self respecting town or city should have at least one park to be around of. I get the whole austerity situation but surely the cost of repairing vandalism exceeds the cost of implenting CCTV and park wardens. Park wardens could keep the parks clean and maintain some new planting areas.

    1. I totally agree with your comments. Thw only work undertaken in the parks are via resident groups litter picking clearing paths and even cutting down trees.

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