parts of our town have very poor internet speeds.

A better ineternet infrastructure will not only be better for business but for everyone that lives in barrow.

we currently lag way behind the rest of the country. speeds around 70mbps. in Manchester they are approaching 500mbps.

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  1. A key issue for Barrow is how it will benefit from improved 5G and gigabit-capable network to be introduced to UK – On 28 January 2020 government announced that it would engage with Huawei to deliver this network, but that it would be “Excluded from sensitive geographic locations, such as nuclear sites and military bases”, which may affect the Barrow area.
    The Town Deal Plan,socio-economic assessment and broadband improvement options for roll out need to be coupled to assurances from HMG and network providers that Barrow and other parts of Cumbria /N. Lancashire businesses will be able to access emerging state of the art technologies as part of their ambition for transitioning to being global digitally supported companies and the area’s ambition for a “brilliant Barrow” with a digital Institute of technology,which is welcomed.

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