Pedestrian bridge (B6003/A52 junction)

As someone who takes the tram on a daily basis, I use the staggered crossing at B6003 (near Esso) to cross over to the side of Bardills roundabout where Bardills is located to get to Toton Lane Tram Stop. Whilst there is a central refuge island at the crossing, the barriers/rails surrounding the island are frequently damaged, presumably by speeding vehicles travelling along the A52. There have been numerous occasions where I personally witnessed vehicles, especially those turning out of B6003 (where Esso is located on), failing to stop despite traffic lights at the crossing have turned red. I find this very dangerous and requires urgent attention, given the huge number of people who use that crossing every day, including kids who walk to school and the vulnerable. Hence, I would like to suggest for a pedestrian bridge to be built across the B6003/A52 junction, replacing the current pedestrian crossing. This will allow safe crossing from the Esso side to the Bardills/tram stop side.

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