Pedestrianisation of high st

Brick pave,pedestrian access only high st,From town hall to St. John’s church ! Encourage Mendip Market to expand and ecorage certain other st features ! Cafes to be encouraged to place small tables onto high st ! Introduce private security ! Encourage tourism and build on the tourist trade ! Encourage certain st performers ! Jugglers , buskers , (possibly subject to certain criteria ) . Build on the Floral content in the high st area and tastefull st furniture ! Glastonbury has a world wide fame for its selection of diverse shops,make that a much more peaceful experience thus an increase in tourism will bring in revenue that can re-invested in other town projects ! Tourism is Glastonburys biggest income ! Aim to increase it.We have an amazing high st that buzzes ! A lot of towns sadly don’t these days.But there is room for big improvements that will ultimately bring revenue into town,Currently the high st can be quite dangerous in the summer months and gets congested with tourists .

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11 comments on “Pedestrianisation of high st

  1. As the decline of retail outlets continues nationwide , there is little point in speeding up the decline . People do not need ‘Stuff from China’ as we well know .What we do need is to educate the population into supporting REAL business.
    Pedestrianising the main street will do nothing for the already struggling business sector of the town . And would only lead to more unsociable behaviour .

  2. 100% agree with this suggestion. High streets across the country are dying however due to the independent, unique nature of ours we are not seeing closed shops everywhere. None the less we must look at the most successful high streets and what makes them so. Independence and boutique is one, the other is a good mix of leisure and retail – this is why retail parks have done so well.
    Pedestrianisation would give is more a of feel of a destination morning or afternoon out. It would give more space for other activities and attractions.
    Our high street is at its very best during events where it is pedestrianised; frost fayer, road run etc etc.
    Let’s make this happen!

  3. This is a great idea and would serve to enhance the uniqueness of the town. It would open up a much happier environment for visitors and enable more events to run unrestricted by traffic.

  4. I run a business at the top of the High Street (Maharanee’s Palace) and I could not be more supportive of this idea – and I know that other businesses at the top end of town are also supportive of this idea – as long as the pedestrainisation runs the full length of the High Street to encourage people to come up here too. We had a bus mount the pavement recently and smashed our sign to pieces – what if a person had been standing there?

  5. Great ideal but has many issues has anybody thought where are the buses going to stop?has anyone done a survey of how much trade will be lost to out of town supermarkets if people can’t park outside the shops in the high street. Perhaps a mix of one way more parking wider pavements might work better for all parties.

    1. In response Mark , A bus top would be made at top of High St ! Busses would then continue along Chilkwell , down Bere lane and back into Town via Magdalena st to a turning point outside Town Hall where exsisting stop is so it wouldn’t affect the buses . As for widening the pavements , that would encroach on a road that is already too narrow . I don’t think the kind of shops we have in Glastonbury High St would be affected by ” out of town” shopping . There is adequate parking in car parks very close to the High St . I however respect your comments , always interested to read anybody’s thoughts and comments .

  6. I had this idea of pedestrianising the High Street too!

    I can really visualise the beautiful flowers and places to sit (though we’d still need space for our processions to flow up the High Street!

    As there are so many creative people here, making art, jewellery, music, natural products, etc. perhaps ad hoc commerce could be encouraged so that more people bring their wares out to sell everyday in the summer?

    Maybe an attractive small covered area could be constructed, where locals could have a legitimate and legal outlet beyond market day.

    Spaces could be booked and paid for via a website, which could also hold uploaded public liability insurance documents and details etc.

    I feel this would add to the ambience, variety and uniqueness of the town, and could also bring more income into the town too, as it’s for local creators, but most of all it would be supporting the arts and creative people to have legitimate space to sell their wares without the need for full-time commitment of being in a shop everyday, so they still have time to create!

    1. You have the same vision as me then Leanne . I think it would enhance what is already an ” interesting” high st , and town , into a serious attraction . Glastonbury has such incredible name world wide but the current high st is a tad mediocre !! If this idea came to fruition , Glastonbury would be transformed into a major attraction and in turn bring serious revenue into town to be re-invested in other local projects .

  7. As long as shops can get deliveries at certain times and buses and ambulances can be safely routed. Our Summers are getting warmer and we like our cafe culture. What’s not to like.

  8. I support this idea. I encourage all decision makers to also support this idea…of all English towns I have ever visited, or lived in, Glastonbury is an appropriate town to introduce this important step.
    It will have considerable significance ; it will enhance the public image of the town and have symbolic value.
    It’s time to take this step.

  9. Couldn’t agree with this more. What a fantastic idea to be able to stroll leisurely down the high street without any traffic. Wonderful idea.

    I must admit I avoid the high street in the summer months as do many other ladies I know and I think if we make the high street a beautiful place to be it will encourage respectful behaviour like the amazing effort that has to been done at the white springs. It could be a community project too.

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