Pedestrianisation Scheme

Find ways to improve the High Street ‘experience’, e.g. Pedestrianised areas between Waterloo Rd / George St & George St/Victoria Road. George St linked to Wellington Road with a pedestrian crossing to cross between the 2 areas. Very like in Lincoln to cross the High St between House of Fraser & Nat West bank (Mint Street) and further up to get across Clasket gate. This would significantly increase possiblities for innovative use of the spaces created. There is an obvious ‘diversion’ route along Victoria Road / Knowle Street / Seacroft Road.

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2 comments on “Pedestrianisation Scheme

  1. Traffic free areas or possibly a one way system around the town would provide opportunity to widen the pavements along the High Street from Seacroft Road junction down to the Main Pullover.

    Wider pavements would allow visitors to browse the shops as they move towards the beach. There would also be more space to accommodate pushchairs, mobility scooters and dogs.

  2. I really like the idea of having a pedestrian area this would create a great space for perhaps busking, street entertainers. It would be a safe space for families to relax and take in the town. We already have a great Thursday market and this would help cafe culture.

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